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This is us:

Lars Magnus Ericsson started Ericsson in 1876 as a small shop in Stockholm. Today we are a tiny bit larger with 100 000 colleagues around the world and roughly 13 000 based in Sweden. Stockholm is the global headquarters but you will also find us in Gothenburg (the office with the best commute – you can take the boat), Linköping, Lund (first office to see spring every year), Borås, Kumla, Karlskrona, and Luleå (the one furthest up north).

Depending on who you are (emerging software developer, experienced project lead, hardcore hardware ace and more) and what you want to do, there is a place for you here to create your own future - together with us at Ericsson.

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This makes us proud

"Another aspect I love about Ericsson is that it truly believes in making technology for good, we build underlying technologies that empower people." Armin Catovic Sr. Full-Stack Developer, Machine Learning & AI

Innovation is in our core, is it in yours?

Innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do. In order to enhance that we have joined together to create an area for disruptive innovation, open for Ericsson employees as well as anyone who has an idea that can change the way we think, work and innovate. 

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