Meet Tatiana

Name: Tatiana Zander
Job title: Prototyping Lead
Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Tatiana works as a technology lead, driving innovation from prototype to minimum viable product, designing, developing and validating with the end-user and end-customer in the fields of IOT, Smart Manufacturing and Private Networks.

She has been with Ericsson for 10 years and worked with all business areas, hands on and always ready to pull up her sleeves. She loves the technology leadership, diversity and global scale at Ericsson.

“People at Ericsson never get bored because we give our employees every opportunity to explore new skills and locations” says Tatiana.

Tatiana, originally from Germany, has had assignments in four different continents and currently lives in California.

On top of her regular responsibilities, she is an Ericsson Response Volunteer and Early Career Program Alumni. Outside of work, she used to be a competing gymnast on national level and now trains as an endurance runner for half marathons.


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