Vodafone, Egypt: More flexibility, more value

Vodafone Egypt leads the way in offering a better charging solution for customers

In recent years, Vodafone Egypt has acquired several technology companies, widening its reach within the Egyptian population, and enabling it to take the number one position in the process. However, in the ever evolving mobile communications marketplace, Vodafone Egypt knew that to stay on top meant embracing technological innovation and offering more.

Driven by value

The Egyptian market continues to be extremely competitive in all aspects of mobile communication. However, as the data evolution gathers pace, customers are demanding more and more from operators, with the focus now on getting the best possible data services. With price being a key driving force of subscriber behavior, operators not only need to offer users more freedom in how they consume data, but also ways to manage their data spending.

“We’d like to take the debate away from price, and focus on how we can offer better value. The Ericsson Mobile Broadband Charging solution helps us provide the flexibility and lower costs our customers demand.” says Tony Dolton, CTO, Vodafone Egypt.

New opportunities

Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Charging solution offers subscribers greater control of their expenditure and provides more choice in mobile services, data speed and capacity. The solution also allows cross bundling of services, meaning consumers have everything in one place, on one bill.

Vodafone Egypt was the first in the Egyptian market to implement the solution, and by doing so gained differentiation, putting them head and shoulders above the competition.

Tony Dolton explains how the new feature will impact Vodafone Egypt: “We can see that it’s going to offer great new opportunities for us to grow the market. I think the key here is flexibility, so customers have the opportunity to do more with the offer that we give them.”

A better way to communicate

Mobile Broadband Charging offers a better experience for subscribers throughout Egypt, helping users to manage costs, and enabling Vodafone to offer customers more choice.

Vodafone Egypt’s Revenue Management Manager, Ahmed Yehia Abdallah, believes this solution from Ericsson will vastly improve the way Vodafone interacts with its customers: “We believe that Mobile Broadband Charging can allow us to enhance our customer experience a lot.”

“It will greatly improve our time-to-market, enabling us to get our services live in a very short time, which will enable us to satisfy our customers’ needs,” he says.


Differentiate offerings to stay ahead of the competition

Meet the increasing data demands of a growing market

Improve customer loyalty and increase market share

Compete beyond price


Ericsson Mobile Broadband Charging solution

Cross bundling of voice and data


Subscribers able to keep a handle on costs

Improved customer experience

Differentiated services

Increased market penetration

User profile

Jaylan El Shazly, Vodafone Egypt subscriber

For me, mobile internet is vital – even more important than making calls. I use my smartphone for everything, from searching on Google and using social media, to texting friends and keeping up-to-date with the latest news.

I use my smartphone a lot when traveling. It helps as I don’t need to buy maps anymore – everything is on my phone. It even enables me to check in and out of hotels and airports.

With Vodafone, I can call, message and use the internet freely. I keep control of my costs, especially when roaming, so I am able to enjoy using my phone without worrying about overspending. I can use service packages with Vodafone, which helps me a lot in managing my subscription, and that definitely sets the company apart from other providers.

Customer Profile

Vodafone is Egypt’s leading operator, boasting superior revenue share and the largest customer base in the country. It now serves more than 38 million subscribers, offering the most advanced technology for its customers, the best working environment for its employees and the strongest corporate responsibility initiatives for the community.

Vodafone entered the Egyptian telecom market in 1998. As a consortium between Vodafone International, Air Touch, and local and international partners, it became the second largest operator in the country. Vodafone strived to become the market leader, and used an aggressive marketing strategy to broaden its services and expand its offerings further than its competitors.

Website: www.vodafone.com