Volvo Cars

Volvo + Ericsson - A partnership built on innovation and trust, perfected with time

In 2012, Volvo Cars and Ericsson partnered to create connected vehicles that made life safer, more efficient and more entertaining. Today, the partnership is as strong as ever, as the two companies continue to work together to deliver the next generation of digital services to Volvo owners and users.

Volvo Cars continues to rely on the industrialized Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) platform to deliver scalable, secured, high-quality digital capabilities, including a full suite of automation, telematics, infotainment, navigation and fleet management services to its vehicles. All software is able to be supported and seamlessly updated over-the-air (OTA) through the Ericsson CVC.

Rapid data sharing and management is crucial to many of these innovations. All will be enhanced by the increased speed, low-latency and capacity that commercial 5G networks, also powered by Ericsson, will enable.

The 3 key benefits of our cross-industry partnership

Automotive co-innovation

Improved customer experience through higher availability and increased performance of connected services. This will increase the level of new services and value creation that Volvo can make available to its customers.

Differentiation from other brands using a strong focus on offering customers a premium digital services experience, unique to Volvo.

Continuous innovation of digital services and capabilities that will simplify the lives of Volvo customers and make driving a more enjoyable and safer experience.

Volvo Cars and Ericsson achieve first cross-border 5G network vehicular handover

Ericsson and Volvo Cars have carried out the first successful test handover of connected cars between two national mobile 5G networks.

Driving innovations in connected vehicles – and society

Our partnership with Volvo Cars is an example of industry leaders collaborating to create innovations with cutting edge technologies and delivering those benefits directly to the user. Beyond the automotive industry, society, in general, is becoming much more connected as the Internet of Things continues to enrich all aspects of our modern lives, including the driving experience.

Operating a connected vehicles ecosystem means more than bringing the web into vehicles. As vehicles become more services-oriented, relationships between drivers, passengers, cars, and automakers are changing. We help our partners, like Volvo Cars, realize the full potential of those changes. 

Cloud-based solutions for rapid innovation

The connected automotive ecosystem can incorporate any number of third-party stakeholders, including merchants, insurance companies and transport authorities. The Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud gives Volvo Cars the power to control and manage this growing ecosystem. 

Our industrialized Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud platform, provided as a managed service, enables Volvo Cars to swiftly deliver services at scale, to more cars, in more than 120 markets. The CVC platform continues to evolve to ensure that Volvo Cars can remain agile in their digital delivery goals.

Volvo Cars offers an exceptional suite of in-car infotainment, automation, telematics, fleet management and navigation services. Over-the-air updates ensure that vehicles never have to be brought to the dealer for software upgrades.

With the Ericsson CVC, Volvo Cars also offers in-car service and maintenance scheduling; secure, remote access to the car; and automated features such as their Cyclist Detection Auto Brake, Park Assist Pilot and Lane-keeping Aid. 

Seamless integration into a 5G world

The traffic ecosystem is becoming safer and more intelligent as cars communicate via the cloud with other vehicles, service providers, traffic authorities and regulators. Ericsson’s advancements in high-speed, low latency 5G connectivity are enabling real-time communication between cars and the connected ecosystem. 

5G deployments and service availability are increasing. We will continue to help partners like Volvo move seamlessly into 5G, which will enable vast possibilities to make every journey smoother and safer. 

Webinar - Life of a connected car (with Volvo Cars)

The automotive industry is changing, with the arrival of ‘always connected’ cars. Has the challenge intensified with the advent of COVID-19, and how can manufacturers use connectivity to differentiate their products in a changed world?

Moving forward together

Volvo Cars is known worldwide for a human-centric design, always focused on safety and quality. This reputation is complemented by Ericsson’s expertise in global mobile solutions and digital transformation experience. Our respective strengths have enabled us to break new ground in the automotive industry for many years, and we look forward to continuing these amazing innovations into the future.

Co-innovating since 2012

2012 | Connected car services come to market

Volvo and Ericsson partner to allow drivers, passengers and the car to connect to services available in the cloud.

2014 | New cloud-based infotainment system

New cloud-based Sensus Connect connectivity system supports remote upgrade for new services.

2016 | Accelerating Volvo’s self-driving in-car experience

Ericsson software enhances driver entertainment and productivity while in self-drive mode, offering seamless highway media viewing.

2018 | Continued support in Volvo Cars' digital services journey

Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud supports Volvo Cars enabling innovative and ground-breaking digital services to simplify the lives of owners and users of their cars.