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Ericsson and Swisscom to go live with new 5G solutions

Ericsson and Swisscom to go live with new 5G solutions

Massive MIMO 5G with innovative hybrid sites

Winning 5G site solution modernization



Leading Swiss service provider Swisscom are on their journey to swap legacy 2G to 4G equipment and deploy 5G capacity across 102 locations throughout the country. The 5G site grid needs to provide wide mid-band capacity while re-using established sites and minimizing additional footprint. To address these needs and more, Ericsson has designed a new hybrid site solution for excellent multi-standard capabilities and 5G performance.


“At Swisscom, we have rolled out 5G capacity across Switzerland. Working with Ericsson and deploying the Hybrid AIR, we are now delivering wide mid-band capacity, while re-using established sites and minimizing additional footprint, with the Hybrid AIR. We continue to work and innovate to bring the best end-user experience to our 5G subscribers.” - Daniel Staub, Head of Mobile, Swisscom

Ericsson leveraged on the latest Kathrein Mobile Communications (KMC) antenna technology, and designed the Hybrid AIR site solution. By combining multi frequency low band support with the AIR 3239, in a single unit, no extra footprint is needed for massive MIMO 5G. The new site solution for Swisscom introduces 3.5GHz support using a 32TRx radio on existing sites. This is ideal for urban areas, where the acquisition of new site space is difficult and deployments are time consuming. At the same time population is dense, and the mobile broadband demand is high. The Hybrid AIR single box solution means less time and complexity to secure 5G site approval, and consequently, easier and cost-effective deployments.

“The acquisition of KMC is a key component in enhancing our end-to-end portfolio. KMC are the best in antenna technology and have strengthened our 5G capabilities with a wide range of antenna solutions. The Swisscom network is a live example. Our solutions will accelerate Swisscom’s 5G transformation. With fewer antennas and lower wind load, we can easily install 5G in more dense urban sites, making the process very cost competitive.” - Mikael Eriksson, Head of Ericsson Antenna System


  • Introduces 5G massive MIMO while reusing existing infrastructure andantenna positions
  • Faster deployments with one unit for all technologies – enables easy installation, zero added rental costs
  • Optimal RF and thermal performance by using a single vendor solution

About Swisscom


Swisscom is the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland. Outside of Switzerland, Swisscom operates Fastweb in Italy. Swisscom has more than 19,000 employees and is one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Switzerland.

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