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Claro and Ericsson present the first 5G stadium in Brazil

Claro's 5G technology

Claro's 5G technology powered stadium in Brazil

The event, which took place during the Led Zeppelin show in Concert no Allianz Parque Hall, included the first holographic transmission in real time in the country performed with 5G technology.


“5G is the next new thing and Claro is getting ready for it. Partnering with Ericsson and Allianz Parque and enabling this technology to deliver the first connected stadium experience is just the beginning of a transformation in the way we use connectivity as a form of entertainment. 5G is more than connectivity. It’s an experience that puts the consumer in the middle of the most innovative offers available in the market”

Márcio Carvalho, Marketing Director at Claro.

Claro breaks the barriers in another technology milestone in the telco sector. The CSP made Allianz Parque Hall, in Sao Paulo, the first 5G ready event venue, using fifth-generation technology powered by Ericsson. This happened during the performance of the first holography performance in real time over a 5G network in Brazil, where musician Lucas Lima performed on the Led Zeppelin In Concert show.

Claro has been a pioneer in all generations of mobile technology in Brazil, including 4.5G, which enables surfing speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G. 5G is the next mobile technology generation, and should become commercially available after the band auctions to be held in 2020 by the telecommunications regulation agency in Brazil, Anatel. In the meanwhile, Claro has been testing with 5G since 2018, and was the first to install a 5G antenna in the country, at Ilha do Fundão.

5G, already available in other four continents, was used in the activation of the hologram transmission at the Allianz Parque. It was rolled out at the stadium and at the Claro Brasil offices, where musician Lucas Lima was performing. With the technology, Lucas was able to perform in a concert happening 17Km from the event venue!

“The essence of our business is to bring people closer, connecting them through music, sports, and promoting the spectacle of togetherness. The partnership between Claro and Ericsson enables us to use technology to break geographical barriers and makes us the single 5G-ready events venue in the country, reinforcing our pioneer spirit in the entertainment market. We’re ready for the future, where consumers will have more innovative and immersive experiences”

Márcio Flores, Marketing and New Business Director at Allianz Parque.

A unique experience on stage

To make the moment even more special, Claro and Ericsson made available to guests virtual reality (VR) devices, with 5G connected streaming, with which the audience was able to have an immersive experience, in the middle of the orchestra.

A special camera, with up to 8K resolution and 360o filming capabilities, was installed between orchestra conductor Eder Paolozzi and the Nova Orquestra. This equipment, using VR technology, made possible to watch in real-time the movements from the conductor and the orchestra on stage.  The 5G experience made the moment even more dynamic and interactive, making it possible for guests to be immersed in the full perspective of the scenario while the conductor mastered the orchestra, in a unique and privileged position.

The connected venue

“We, from Ericsson, are delighted to deliver this experience in partnership with Claro at the Allianz Parque, to showcase how 5G will transform society. For us, 5G is already a reality: we were pioneers in the rollout of networks in four continents and already have a significant number of live commercial networks in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, all using Ericsson 5G technology. Our extensive network deployment expertise reinforces the fact that Brazil is ready for 5G, and as soon as the bands are released by Anatel, the country be favored by a significant impulse in competitiveness”

Rodrigo Oliveira, Key Account Manager for Claro at Ericsson.

To allow the execution of the demonstration, Ericsson installed at Allianz Parque, a 5G network that included the AIR 6488 solution (which aggregates radio and antenna in a single product) together with Massive MIMO – a feature that allows multiple simultaneous connections in a single dispositive. The network was operated in the 3.5Ghz frequency, with a 100Mhz bandwidth, reaching uplink speeds of up to 1Gbps. These speeds were possible thanks to the combination of LTE and 5G carriers, showing the compatibility and coexistence between the 2 technologies.

For this event, the capacity of Claro’s 4.5 commercial network was triplicated inside Allianz Parque through the aggregation of four LTE frequency bands radiating in four Dual-beam antennas positioned horizontally, in better alignment with the venue’s features. To guarantee the high capacity and low latency of the network for the current and future use cases of 5G, the access network was integrated to a vEPC solution from Ericsson. The Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) is a structure used to virtualize the necessary features to convert voice and data in 4G networks Long-Term Evolution (LTE). The vEPC will then move the individual components from the main network, traditionally executed in dedicated hardware, towards centralized servers.

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