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After many years of anticipation, 5G networks are currently going live around the world. And the interest for 5G is high among consumers. People expect the new technology to deliver both better performance and completely new services, like AR/VR experiences, live entertainment and mobile gaming. Considering the high demand, 5G represents a great potential for service providers to create and capture new value in the consumer business.

Ericsson Mobility Report projecting 5G uptake

Service providers continue to switch on 5G – 190 million 5G subscriptions forecast by the end of 2020 and 2.8 billion by the end of 2025.

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Let’s talk voice

Start already today by bringing new value to 4G voice services and increase service provider revenue. In a 5G world, there will be more consumer devices where new voice and communication services can bring additional value to users and businesses.

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Turning 5G traffic into revenue growth

Hear Patrik Cerwall, Head of Strategic Marketing at Ericsson, elaborate on how 5G brings new business opportunities to service providers, including the monetization of data traffic as well as the exploration of new services and business models.

5G consumer potential - Top 5G use cases to grow 5G consumer revenues

As an emerging technology, there are a lot of questions surrounding 5G's potential for consumers. In this report from Ericsson Consumer Lab, we bust four key myths around consumers expectations on 5G.

Blog on why network quality is more important than ever

Today, network quality is under the spotlight in every household and enterprise worldwide as more and more work from home. However, as our new research indicates, network performance has always been a mainstay of market demand.

Get inspired by some of our use cases

Many CSPs have started offering add-on 5G service bundles to consumers, with services like immersive media, cloud gaming and live event experiences. To be able to create a rich and attractive offering of 5G service bundles, targeting a broad audience with personalized offerings, it is key for service providers to engage a larger ecosystem of partners and contributors. In early 5G markets, we see new collaborations emerge, between operators and an ecosystem of device manufacturers, content providers, event owners and gaming companies.


Internet of Senses

What if we could unlock the world’s potential with 5G? Take an inspirational journey into the future of 5G. We call this the Internet of Senses.

Voices of early 5G consumers

South Korea is a pioneering 5G market, with millions of consumers already using 5G devices and services in their daily lives. Hear about the consumers’ early experiences of 5G and their expectations on future service innovation enabled by the new technology.


SKT and Ericsson build 5G with precision in the world's largest 5G market

Meeting 5G ambitions efficiently and economically requires solutions that can both support the required capacity and can be deployed and operated in an optimized way. Together, SKT and Ericsson are maximising the potential of 5G

Turkcell Turkey: Building the future

Worlds first Full Mixed Mode Baseband from Ericsson puts Turkcell one step ahead of the competition.

How Swisscom's 5G network achieved 90 percent population coverage in eight months

Swisscom became one of the world's first service providers to launch 5G. Watch the film to learn which use cases they're looking into, as well as how they managed to roll out 5G to cover 90 percent of the population by the end of 2019. 

Connected venues

Claro and Ericsson present the first 5G stadium in Brazil

Claro breaks the barriers in another technology milestone in the telco sector. The CSP made Allianz Parque Hall, in Sao Paulo, the first 5G ready event venue, using fifth-generation technology powered by Ericsson. This happened during the performance of the first holography performance in real time over a 5G network in Brazil, where musician Lucas Lima performed on the Led Zeppelin In Concert show.

Ooredoo Qatar brings fans to their feet with 5G services during Amir Cup Final

Ericsson and Ooredoo give fans a transformative, connected and digital 5G experience at the 2019 Amir Cup Final and grand opening of the Al Janoub Stadium

Massive MIMO brings high-speed mobile internet to football fans

Europe’s largest deployment of Massive MIMO has benefitted countless football fans in Russia thanks to a partnership between Ericsson and MTS.

Immersive media

Blog on how 5G and edge computing can enhance virtual reality

For some time now, 5G has been associated with the promise of new digital applications and services that come with a hyper-connected life. We have seen that this new technology, which provides “perfect” connectivity, creates new value for both us as individuals and to industries and enterprises.

5G kicks the game

Are you ready to play 5G (foot) ball – Ericsson and Verizon showcase how virtual becomes reality with 5G networks.

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ConsumerLab – the voice of the consumer

Ericsson ConsumerLab has more than 20 years' experience of studying people's behaviors and values, including the way they act and think about ICT products and services. Ericsson ConsumerLab provides unique insights on market and consumer trends.

5G voice

Voice is the king of communication and in a 5G world it will be more important than ever, through various types of use cases. To enable service provider voice calls on 5G smartphones, the network infrastructure used for VoLTE today will also be used to enable 5G voice calls.

The Ericsson Mobility Report

Ericsson Mobility Report provides industry-leading projections and analyses of the latest trends in the mobile industry, including subscription, mobile data traffic and population coverage. Read the report to learn about the latest figures for 5G, IoT, fixed wireless access and more.

Mobile service packaging towards 5G

This report explores the global trends on mobile service packaging, aiming to find how service providers are capturing the consumer value of 5G.

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5G Access

Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.

Voice Services

Gain higher business value by easily adding new services to your current mobile voice service and deploy and run cost-effective voice networks using cloud technology. Explore how 5G will bring new possibilities to further develop mobile voice and communication services for consumers, businesses, enterprises and industries.

Fixed wireless access

Are you aware that up to 50% of the world’s population are still waiting for reliable broadband access? This large number of underserved households represents a profitable fixed wireless access (FWA) growth opportunity for current 3GPP operators – and our recent studies show FWA investments typically have a payback time of less than two years.

Core network

Accelerate to 5G & IoT and achieve a new level of flexibility to explore new revenue streams via network slicing and cloud native design principles.

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