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Discover 5G connectivity opportunities in mobility report business review edition

Creating 5G value to consumers

Ericsson Mobility Report reveals new business opportunities in the consumer domain

5G consumer business

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5G represents a great potential for service providers to drive innovation, improve user experience, and address new market opportunities. Leading service providers are already converting the capabilities of 5G into revenue growth. Explore the 5G consumer potential.

Leading service providers convert 5G business potential into revenue growth

The demand for mobile data is strong. Over the past 5 years, global data consumption has increased by over 50 percent per year. The launch of 5G gives service providers capabilities to further monetize consumers’ demand for data – through the upsell to larger data packages. While data volume has been the traditional basis for charging for mobile services, the shift to 5G also opens for new ways to measure, drive and capture consumer value.

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5G consumer business potential

Source: Ericsson analysis of TechInsights data, Q4 2022.

5G value: Turning performance into loyalty

Ericsson ConsumerLab has conducted research across 28 global 5G markets, identifying four key trends for capturing 5G value, and giving communication service providers vital insights into what drives 5G network satisfaction and user retention.

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Explore consumer market trends in our Mobility Report

Realizing the 5G FWA growth opportunity

5G FWA is opening up new markets, with service provider revenues set to reach USD 67 billion in 2028. Discover how.

5G opportunities in the cloud gaming market

The cloud gaming market is set to reach USD 8.2 billion by 2025. Explore the 5G revenue opportunities.

The role of 5G in driving mobile service packaging innovation

Explore how 5G speed tiers represent a step towards a quality- and value-orientated pricing focus for service providers.

EE brings AR to consumers with 5G

What can a 5G immersive experience be like? Imagine being able to bring the world’s most astonishing and picturesque natural environments to central London. Check out this case to read how EE and a partner network created a digital immersive experience to achieve exactly that.

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Tap into the consumer opportunities

5G for gaming

The game is on. With 5G rolling out and mobile and cloud gaming on the rise, opportunities to further expand the gaming market are mounting. Here’s how service providers can capture the booming market potential of 5G gaming.

5G and immersive technology

5G and immersive technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and consume information and media. Now’s the time to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Discover new use case opportunities and how to capture the market potential today.

5G for fixed wireless access

As millions continue to wait for reliable home broadband, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is an efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections. With smart and targeted deployments, our studies show that the investment typically pays off in less than two years. 5G accelerates this and we can help you tap into the opportunity.

How to monetize consumer 5G?

Consumers continuously expect more in terms of larger data buckets, speed, connectivity and more advanced services. Delivering upon these expectations is crucial to stay relevant to consumers and fundamental for future revenue growth.Our insights and solutions support the continuous evolution of their service offering and consumer demand monetization.

5G consumer potential

The consumer segment is the major revenue source for service providers. 5G is driving new monetization opportunities across consumer service areas such as gaming, fixed wireless access and new immersive experiences. Beyond direct revenue contribution from such new business segments, service innovation will also be key to drive growth in the connectivity business.

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