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Teracom and Ericsson jointly demonstrated usage of Teracom’s infrastructure of high masts

Teracom and Ericsson

Innovation for agile and high-capacity mobile connectivity

High tower, high power

Teracom and Ericsson jointly demonstrated usage of Teracom’s infrastructure of high masts to connect a deployable network for mission-critical communications, supporting critical services in remote areas for government, public safety and utility companies.


Video courtesy of Teracom

“We have access to a very competent supplier that invests significantly in research and development. We have been able to advance quickly in a very constructive way through this collaboration. Our expectation is that this could have a revolutionary impact on providers of critical services for society and their need for secure and robust communications.”

Roland Svensson, Chief Technology Officer, Teracom

Mobile communications for critical services become more and more important in an increasingly connected and digitalized society. A large proportion of critical infrastructure and related functions will be mobile connected in the future and will therefore require safe and reliable technology.

As part of a joint field trial together with one of the Nordic's leading broadcast and service provider of critical infrastructure, Teracom, Ericsson tested a deployable network in a remote area outside Stockholm through a wireless connection to Teracom’s high mast.

The solution provided high-capacity connectivity to a rural area with poor mobile coverage. Once implemented, the solution will enable access to mission-critical voice, data and video services.

Through this type of innovation project, Ericsson is able to consolidate its leading technology role with more than 60,000 patents and the efforts of over 8,500 research and development engineers across Sweden.

The challenge

During the research project, the two companies collaborated to explore the potential of Teracom’s high mast infrastructure with existing and future technologies. The purpose was to create new services using a phased approach with existing 3GPP-based solutions and avoid investing in expensive and complex special applications.

The solution

  • The solution provides wireless IP connectivity from the high mast with long-range coverage to local systems, and supports services such as group calls, video and other centralized services.
  • Leveraging Ericsson technologies and research expertise to co-create new use cases, such as a tactical bubble.
  • Provision of RAN and Core network, and mission-critical grade applications.

The result

As an extension of Teracom’s new nationwide 4G network, the trial is an innovative application of mobile technology. Early project results indicate great potential, such as Teracom providing high capacity, secure and robust communications in remote areas to critical service agencies, when and where they are needed.

The project creates possibilities to offer new services with existing infrastructure and for Teracom’s customers to create new services based on the innovation.

The advantage of building technology solutions on established standards equals lower cost for innovation.

The trial demonstrates the potential for similar collaborations in Sweden and globally.

About Teracom

Teracom broadcasts radio and television, and offers robust and secure communication solutions to authorities, companies and organizations. Teracom will play a vital role in the communications community of the future by contributing to a free and secure society where everyone has access to communication, entertainment and information.


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