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Tele2 makes the fan experience memorable 

Tele2 makes the fan experience memorable 

Smart arena: 5G shakes up fan experience

Tele2 marked their continued focus and roll out of 5G by ensuring fans got a seamless connectivity experience to share, interact and stream content during a major concert at the iconic Strawberry Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tele2 CTIO's Yogesh Malik starts the story

Over 150,000 fans from 130 countries travelled to Stockholm for a megastar's three-day series of concerts, driving demand for the very best 5G mobile connectivity.

The power of 5G can improve connectivity for mobile ticketing services, infrastructure managers, sound and lighting crews, retailers and TV broadcasting to further enhance the live experience for fans and venue operators alike.

"As we're implementing 5G, there's a lot of major events coming up here in Sweden. In order to cater for the huge traffic growth we've seen in Sweden over the last few years and to make sure we can secure a great customer experience, we need to use the power and unique functionality of 5G."

Elin Ovéus
Head of Networks, Tele2

Elin Oveus

Overcoming the challenges at major events

With the continued growth in mobile data traffic, it's vital to maintain a good experience for fans.  A major challenge we're seeing is their behaviours to upload and stream videos and photos from arenas. This can limit their social media engagement with friends, family and followers and general event enjoyment. With the introduction of 5G, this enables a significantly improved Arena experience, and goes beyond fans to support venue operators and third parties providing additional services throughout. 

Crowds leaving an arena

Network upgrades took the experience to another level

With 5G technology during these major events, fans could enjoy whatever service they wanted to use with no disturbance thanks to high-speed and low-latency connectivity. 5G can support the full entertainment infrastructure, cost-effective TV broadcasting and live streaming, instant control of sound and lighting, and improved connectivity for infrastructure managers and consumer services.

"Before, it was basically impossible to share anything in real time, which is not very good when you're working and relying on social media to stay connected. But today it was great. But this evening it was smoother and simpler, which meant I could keep my followers up to speed with the live experience."

Kajsa Christiansson

Kajsa Christiansson

Smartphone users who have issues at event venues are 3 times more likely to churn in the next 6 months.¹

20% of smartphone users are willing to pay an average premium of 11 percent for QoS-led offerings.¹

Arena venues are seeing a 67 percent growth in data usage year over year.                                                     

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