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Joining forces for the next generation of Connected Cars

Ericsson and Microsoft partner to drive the automotive industry forward

Ericsson and Microsoft make automotive connectivity easy

The powerful integration of our Connected Vehicle Cloud and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on Azure enables automakers to deploy and scale global vehicle services worldwide. The partnership enables solutions that will reduce complexity, enable innovation and make connectivity easy for the automotive industry.

Ericsson and Microsoft are bringing connected vehicle expertise to offer a powerful new integrated connected vehicle solution. The solution joins the strength of our Connected Vehicle Cloud platform with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on its cloud computing service Azure. As a result, automakers will be able to scale global vehicle services such as telematics, fleet management, over the-air software updates and connected safety services to minimize time, cost, and complexity. The solution provides flexibility through modular design and multiple deployment options.

Ericsson and Microsoft – a powerful combination of unique capabilities

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Ericsson & Microsoft got shortlisted for the TU-Automotive Awards in the category “collaborative partnership of the year”. The Ericsson & Microsoft partnership will greatly benefit the vehicle OEM, ideally placed to help automakers innovate, make connectivity easy, redefine Network and Vehicle EDGE, and manage the complexity for Connected Vehicles. Clearly the combined strength of these two large organization have the scale to set standards, transform the Automotive Industry as we know it today, and support new business models.

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud is the most comprehensive connected car platform

The Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud platform is the most comprehensive connected car platform that currently connects more than 4 million vehicles across 180 countries worldwide - approximately 10 percent of the currently connected vehicle market. The platform is tailored to fit vehicle manufacturers’ growing demand for scalability and flexibility with the capability of supporting any connected vehicle service.

Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) offers consistent technology infrastructure

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) offers consistent technology infrastructure and support to integrate vehicle assets and solutions, via secure, scalable data ingestion into a common data lake. The MCVP partner ecosystem allows vehicle makers control and flexibility for creating differentiated, intelligent, connected mobility experiences for their customers.



Ericsson and Microsoft partner to accelerate connected car services. Listen to insights on how to advance the automotive industry with a combined vehicle platform.

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