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Bird eye view of 3 trucks on a countryside road, a symbol for a connected car platform.

Connected Vehicle Cloud

Connect your vehicles with a platform that allows you to stay focused on what you do best.

Our connected car platform

Connected Vehicle Cloud is the most complete connected car platform on the market today. That's why frontrunners in automotive IoT are using it to connect 5.5 million vehicles and counting, across more than 150 countries.

We offer CVC, our “white label” connected car solution, which enables auto makers to create superior driver and passenger experiences, simplifying the internal process and improve profitability. The Connected Vehicle Cloud is built for scale and flexibility; a platform for fast-paced service innovation where vehicle manufacturers can continuously deploy new offerings. Currently our CVC-offering includes self-serviced application platforms, fleet management systems, OTA management, telematics, and software and device management but with many more planned value packs.


Are you ready to be the best?

To rapidly develop and manage new services for connected vehicles on a global scale, automakers and fleet operators need the right partner and the right platform. Ericsson is the right partner and Connected Vehicle Cloud is the right platform.

With Connected Vehicle Cloud you can:

  • Improved time-to-market and cost efficiency for software over-the-air (OTA) updates.
  • Securely offer connected services at a global scale, abiding to global & local regulations
  • Develop and deploy new services and applications, innovate together with your partners in the same environment
  • Grow as you go - value packages tailored to fit your expanding needs
  • Enjoy guaranteed uptime of your cloud, through 24/7 operation and maintenance services
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Vehicles – connected by Ericsson connected car platform

Our car isn’t just a car. Not anymore. It’s our smartphone and sound system. It’s our map, traffic report, weathervane and childcare assistant. It’s the key to a more connected, more productive and more sustainable lifestyle. As the leaders in connectivity Ericsson is enabling innovation in vehicle services by decoupling software from hardware, and moving complexity to the cloud. With our specialized platforms we’re simplifying the management of connected vehicle systems and increasing the flexibility of new service roll-out. And thanks to our global knowledge, we’re facilitating smooth subscription services, switching seamlessly across borders and networks. Vehicles, connected by Ericsson. It’s vehicle connectivity. Made easy.

Features and benefits

What can Ericsson connected car platform do for you?

Connected Vehicle Cloud is a digital service platform that enables vehicle manufacturers to rapidly develop and manage new services for connected vehicles. The platform is tailored to fit the vehicle manufacturers’ growing demand for scalability and flexibility with the necessary capabilities to support any connected vehicle service.

Connectivity made easy

Connectivity made easy

Thanks to our technology leadership in cellular connectivity,
Ericsson is helping to reshape the automotive industry landscape, with connectivity as the game-changing component required for vehicle manufacturers adapt to a new world.

Managing complexity

Managing complexity

Making it easy for automakers to handle complex issues such as security, identity management, global data legislation, 24/7 operation of connected services worldwide — and exceeding customer service and mobility expectations are our key differentiators. Using Ericsson’s platform for connected vehicle services helps simplify complexity for vehicle manufacturers.

Enabling innovation

Enabling innovation

Relying on our cost-efficient, scalable connected car platform will enable automakers to focus on their core business and make investments that will generate new revenue streams, build customer loyalty and cut time to market.

Our portfolio

Our connected vehicle offering

The automotive industry is on the move, as connected car technology brings greater value to manufacturers and drivers. In the connected car, telematics monitor safety and efficiency, while navigation, infotainment and self-driving transform the driving experience. Together with innovators like Volvo, Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud creates a world of new possibilities for vehicles.

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Tech titians unite

Microsoft and Ericsson join forces

Ericsson and Microsoft make automotive connectivity easy by integrating Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on Azure.

Service packages

Capabilities enabled by the Connected Vehicle Cloud

Illustration of Ericsson connected vehicle platform and modules

Vehicle telematics

Create convenience, safety and security by enabling a wide range of user services for vehicle ease-of-use.

Solution description

Fleet management

Bring consistent and accurate monitoring, analysis and automation to large-scale connected fleets, and generate mobility-as-a-service plus other new fleet services.

Solution description

Service innovation

Decouple development from infrastructure and speedily unlock and quickly deploy new innovative services.

Solution description

Universal Connectivity

Streamline and simplify connectivity to ensure network reliability, data accuracy and consistency across vehicles.

Solution description

Assisted Drive

ADAS automotive capabilities turn connectivity into a contributing sensor, enabling vehicles to see around corners, avoid hazards, collaborate with each other and interact with their environment more intelligently than ever.

Solution description
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