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5G Signaling

Update networks functions in minutes, is it possible? Join panel discussion with Turkcell to know more.

5G Signaling

The need to have a robust signaling solution is extremely important. Start planning your 5G signaling strategy on these pillars; security, stability and automation, today.

Blog post: A zero trust approach to 5G signaling networks

With the introduction of 5G networks and highly demanding 5G applications requirements, security is an important building block that needs to be looked at right from the start. Read more about why a zero trust approach is needed in 5G signaling networks.

Blog post: Stuck in a traffic jam - easing congestion in 5GC SA networks

How to protect yourself from overload situations in the 5GC SA? The Signaling Controller Proxy is the answer. This technology, combined with message priorities, can guarantee certain bandwidth to each interface. Read the blog post and learn more.

On-demand webinar: Be prepared for the unexpected - Ericsson Signaling Controller

How do you optimize your 5G Core signaling network? What are the benefits with Signaling Controller? Watch the webinar to get updated and see a short demo of Ericsson Signaling Controller by Thimo Sturmann, Sales Manager 5G Signaling and Heikki Palmroos, Strategic Product Manager 5G Signaling at Ericsson.

Blog post: Signaling controllers helping network nodes understand each other

Ericsson’s Signaling Controllers have been deployed in more than 150 customer networks, integrated with all types of network nodes, interfaces and vendors. Learn more on the capabilities of these systems and ease of use  in this blog post.

Blog post: Automation drives cost savings and enables robust signaling! Why?

We know the importance of automation to save costs and reduce lead time. But if automation stops at organizational boundaries, we do not use its full potential! Let us think big across company boundaries to create something new together. Read the blog post to know more about how to automate the signaling network.

Watch videos about 5G Signaling

Why 5G Signaling?

A short video introducing the key benefits of the Ericsson Signaling Controller, for service providers.

How to safeguard your 5G network

A short video introducing the benefits of the Ericsson Service Communication Proxy, as part of the Ericsson Signaling Controller.

How to ensure 5G signaling security

A short video introducing the benefits of Ericsson Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), and how this product can help service providers overcome some common network security issues.


Ericsson Signaling Controller

Read more about Ericsson Signaling Controller and its benefits.

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