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The future of digital is now - ready for 5G

Cloud Infrastructure that is ready for 5G

Cloud Infrastructure delivering proven, open and standards-based solutions for service providers. The foundation is a system-verified NFVI solution for datacenters and the edge providing short time to market for services and low total cost of ownership.

NFV Infrastructure

Increase speed, efficiency and agility when deploying new services Reduce risk and shorten lead-time when transforming the network Use as the solution for telecom, OSS, BSS, Media and IT applications

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The case for change

Ericsson SDI - Extending cloud's agility and operational efficiencies into the hardware layer of Ericsson NFVI

Download this description on how Software Defined Infrastructure makes NFVI more efficient and flexible.

Paper: Edge computing and 5G

With increasing interest in new use cases like smart manufacturing and AR/VR, as well as upcoming 5G radio networks, there is a clear need for distributed networks. Click to download our paper on Edge Computing and 5G.

Telco Cloud report 2019

Get key insights into the Telco Cloud transformation through our Telco Cloud report. Examine the findings of our survey of operators located in 16 different countries across the world. Access the report here!

No 5G without Cloud Infrastructure

The scale and performance requirements of 5G and IoT demand a different approach to digital infrastructure. With an open and pre-integrated NFVI solution which can be deployed both at central and distributed sites, you will be prepared to manage all workloads.

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NFVI evolution for edge computing and cloud native

Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) has been running commercially in central data centers for a couple of years. So far, the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), or applications, running on the NFVI have been deployed with virtual machines. But NFVI is evolving to also become capable of running containers, and it’s being distributed to the edge to enable new services. 

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Accelerate 5G services with partner VNF certification program

The success of NFV and 5G will depend on a multitude of VNF’s from many vendors to work on the telco NFVI platforms. They will need to be onboarded and provisioned in an automated way with a minimum of integration efforts. The Ericsson partner VNF certification program aims to reduce risk when onboarding and deploying multi-vendor VNFs on Ericsson NFVI through a comprehensive certification process.

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Edge computing value generation with distributed cloud

Application developers from various industries e.g. manufacturing, gaming and automotive industries see great opportunities arising with the introduction of edge computing. What is the role of CSPs and how can they contribute to the edge computing ecosystem?