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Solutions to bring change to your business

Our industry leading Communication Services solutions and services portfolio support operators as they transform the core network for today's needs and prepare for 5G.


Enable new user services across smartphones and wearables, Enhance enterprise collaboration with VoLTE, evolve with web communication and enable IoT devices with voice services, Deploy in weeks with Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch pre-packaged solution

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Evolve your voice business with VoLTE, the foundation of new IP-based communication services.

VoLTE for Unified Communication

Extend VoLTE with business communication and collaboration.

Diameter Signaling Controller

Optimize throughput and security in EPC and VoLTE networks.

The case for change

Demonstrating VoLTE calls over Cat-M1 networks

Hundreds of millions of VoLTE-capable mobile phones are already being used by consumers and served by mobile networks delivering voice calls over LTE.

Making smartphones into business phones

Cisco and Ericsson help you work better from your mobile phone; high-quality mobile calls via the regular phone dialer and collaboration capabilities.

Swisscom - Preparing for the Future

A collaborative model with Swisscom to transform its core network through the deployment of a telco cloud infrastructure and VNFs.

VoLTE for consumer and enterprise voice services

Have you considered how to bring the mobile phone number into all kinds of devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and IoT devices, to enable voice calls and other communication services over LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G? How to rapidly deploy voice over LTE using cloud based IMS, to launch new innovative communication voice services to your customers quickly?



Ericsson enables voice calls for wearables

One phone number for multiple SIM-based devices. Be reached on your cellular smartwatch with your mobile phone number, when leaving your smartphone behind.

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Deliver high-quality voice services in LTE today and be prepared for 5G

Get the latest updates about VoLTE delivering high-quality voice services in LTE networks today, on all kinds of devices for consumers and enterprise users. The next step is to start exploring the role of voice and communication services in 5G networks.

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The VoLTE market: New devices to monetize

According to the November 2017 Ericsson Mobility Report, the number of VoLTE subscriptions is projected to reach 5.5 billion in 2023. So why is this interesting and how can this help you make more money on your VoLTE network investment?

Be reached on your smartwatch and smartphone with the same mobile phone number

Ericsson VoLTE based Multi-SIM for voice calls

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