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5G voice evolution – where to start?

Voice is the king of communication and in a 5G world it will be more important than ever, through various types of use cases. The journey to 5G has several possible mobile network migration paths and steps, and voice services must be supported in all evolution steps.

We have outlined a series of papers to help you understand how to take voice into 5G, explaining various deployment models. Download today and take your deep dive into the network evolution aspects of 5G voice.

Introduction: VoLTE Whitepaper

Start here and learn more about communication services over LTE,
Wi-Fi and 5G.

Deep dive 1: 5G Voice

This is the first paper in a series of 5G Voice papers where you will get an explanation of different deployment models when it comes to voice services in 5G. The focus of this paper is “Prerequisites for voice services in 5G and 3GPP option 3 deployment”.

Deep dive 2: 5G Voice

The second paper in our 5G Voice deployment series focuses on voice services in a 5G System with 3GPP option 2 deployment.

Deep dive 3: 5G Voice

Voice over NR in a 5G System and migration from Evolved Packet System Fallback.

Deep dive 4: 5G Voice

Evolution towards pure 5G System and NR.

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