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Looking for how to evolve your voice business to stay relevant for your customers and increase revenue? Want to know how to leverage your consumer mobile voice service for enterprises? What will 5G bring to your mobile voice business?

Build more business value with your current mobile voice service

Our mobile core voice network solutions enable communication services on 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G smartphones for more than 2.5 Billion people in over 150 countries.  We are constantly looking into how to evolve the voice service further, to enable our service provider customers to bring greater value to consumers, businesses and enterprise users.

Find out how you can gain higher business value by easily adding new services to your current mobile voice service, and how you can deploy and run cost-effective voice networks using cloud technology. Also explore together with us how 5G will bring new possibilities to further develop mobile voice and communication services for consumers, businesses, enterprises and industries.

Communication services solutions to develop your voice business for the next level


Launch new voice related services on smartphones, wearables and other devices. Deploy VoLTE in weeks with cloud-based solutions.


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Provide cloud communication services designed for business customer’s needs, quick and easy.

Ericsson communication accelerator

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Let's talk voice

Explore how mobile voice services in 4G and 5G can bring new value to users and increase service provider revenue.

Get inspired by new mobile voice use cases

5G voice

Deep dive into the network evolution aspects of voice over 5G.

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Get inspired by our customers and dig into the latest technology

Are you quick and proactive enough to release compelling services to your customers?

Read the blog post about how you can be the preferred partner for enterprises and business users in the competing market.

Cloud communication to accelerate your business


VodafoneZiggo - World record HD voice

Netherlands' first cloud-based VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling network.

Success story

Swisscom - Preparing for the Future

A collaborative model with Swisscom to transform its core network through the deployment of a telco cloud infrastructure and VNFs.

Making smartphones into business phones

Cisco and Ericsson help you work better from your mobile phone; high-quality mobile calls via the regular phone dialer and collaboration capabilities.

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