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Make your mobile network ready for 5G voice

Learn about mobile network evolution to enable voice calls on 5G smartphones and explore new 5G business opportunities related to voice services.

Voice is the king of communication and in a 5G world it will be more important than ever, through various types of use cases. To enable service provider voice calls on 5G smartphones, the network infrastructure used for VoLTE today will also be used to enable 5G voice calls.

The journey to 5G has several possible mobile network migration paths and steps, and voice services must be supported in all evolution steps. We have outlined a series of papers to help you understand how to take today’s VoLTE based voice services into 5G, explaining various network deployment models. Download today and take your deep dive into the network evolution aspects of 5G voice.

Also find inspiration for new 5G voice and communication services use cases for consumers, businesses and enterprises, evolving today’s VoLTE network capabilities for a 5G world. One example you will find below is how to enable remote ultra sound between an ambulance and a hospital over a 5G mobile phone call.

Deep dive into VoLTE and voice in 5G networks

Introduction: VoLTE Whitepaper

Start here and learn about what VoLTE is and how to deliver high-quality operator voice and communication services over LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G.

Deep dive 1: 5G Voice

This is the first paper in a series of 5G Voice papers where you will get an explanation of different mobile network deployment models when it comes to voice services in 5G. The focus of this paper is “Prerequisites for voice services in 5G and 3GPP option 3 deployment”.

Deep dive 2: 5G Voice

The second paper in our 5G Voice deployment series focuses on voice services in a 5G System with 3GPP option 2 deployment.

Deep dive 3: 5G Voice

Voice over NR in a 5G System and migration from Evolved Packet System Fallback.

Deep dive 4: 5G Voice

Evolution towards pure 5G System and NR.

Deep dive 5: 5G voice

How to deliver SMS and emergency calls in 5G.



Inspirational 5G use case: Interactive calling in 5G with IMS data channel innovation

Video: Watch our demo from Mobile World Congress 2019

Experience an ultrasound with a haptic glove between an ambulance on the road and a hospital through a VoLTE based mobile phone call over 5G, using the IMS data channel concept.

Video: Service provider business benefits - BT & King’s College

Video recording with service provider BT and King’s College in the UK about the business value of this innovation.

Brochure: Real-time interaction in 5G with IMS data channel innovation

Evolve your voice business building on VoLTE and enable new innovative communication services use cases with 5G. Explore a case in the health care industry which shows how to easily enable remote ultra sound over a 5G mobile phone call.


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Find out how to get your network ready for 5G voice, by deploying VoLTE in just weeks in your network, using our cloud-based VoLTE solutions for service providers, MVNOs and mission critical networks.

5G Core

The Ericsson Cloud Core solutions for 5G delivers cloud native applications that supports both 5G EPC and the 5GC architectures. EPC and 5G core also include functionality to enable VoLTE and 5G voice services.