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What is a 5G Campus Network?

Dr. Uwe Horn, Head of technical sales support at Ericsson

As Head of technical sales support in Ericsson’s Dedicated Networks organization, Uwe has extensive experience helping Tier-1 mobile operators developing new offerings based on latest cellular technologies.

What is a Campus Network?

Campus Networks are small, local networks dedicated to a set geographical area. They can cover anywhere from a few hundred square meters indoors to a few square kilometers outdoors. In contrast to a public mobile network, usage of a Campus Network is restricted to people or devices affiliated with the campus area which adds an additional level of security and control. Furthermore, Campus Networks can be continuously and quickly adapted to changing connectivity needs. Finally, they can also be combined with public networks.

Therefore mobile operators and enterprises, especially from the industry segment, have strong interest in Campus Networks for enabling new use cases, that helps them to optimize their existing business or for addressing new revenue sources.

Campus Networks can be deployed on both 4G and 5G technology. This episode of Cellular Curious focuses on 5G Campus Networks. When discussing 5G Campus Networks, there is sometimes confusion around exactly what a “standalone” network is. “Standalone” could refer to a Campus Network which is deployed completely separated from a public mobile network or it can refer to an architecture option in 5G. After Uwe’s explanation you will have an idea about the different deployment options for 5G Campus Networks and you will understand the difference between a 5G Campus Network in standalone mode and a 5G standalone Campus Network.

5G Campus Networks help mobile operators and enterprises to further improve security, flexibility and reliability in campus areas. Learn more about the different deployment and architectural options for Campus Networks in this episode.

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