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What are the benefits of connecting robots to the cloud?

Ida Elisabeth Sørlie, Market Development Manager at Ericsson

Today, robots are used for dull, dirty and dangerous jobs. They can perform in extreme conditions not safe for humans. These include recognizing materials deep within mines, repetitive tasks on assembly lines like spray painting cars, and tracking environmental conditions with sensors and cameras to protect humans.

Robots are a gift to productivity but they need to be intelligent enough to adapt, communicate and interact with one another and humans too, regardless of location.

Cellular technology’s mobility, scalability and flexibility is enabling the future of robotics.

What are the benefits of connecting robots to the cloud?

When robots are connected to the cloud, it results in easier setup, scalability, flexibility and collaboration.

Specifically, cloud computing allows employees to be more flexible in work processes, and empowers field workers and leverages experts world-wide, reducing travel and maintenance trips so that enterprises can focus on other value adding activities. Given the remote capabilities, it also reduces the need for any precautions electronics or pharmaceutical factories may have. Finally, it can lower barriers to invest in smart automation.

In this episode of Cellular Curious, Ida explores intelligent automation through cloud robotics and why 5G is a value enabler for robotics across industries - manufacturing, transportation, hospitals and ports.

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