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What is the impact of 5G on predictive maintenance?

Jan Diekmann, Technical Account Manager - Advanced Industries at Ericsson

Jan Diekmann works in business development and partner management within Advanced Industries at Ericsson. He is creating value propositions with customers and partners who are implementing cellular connectivity into their production environment or products.

What is the impact of 5G on predictive maintenance?

5G can have a significant positive impact on predictive maintenance. Only 5G connectivity provides the flexible, reliable and predictable environment required to support a sea of sensors at high data rates, enabling predictive maintenance in verticals like manufacturing, mining and ports. In this episode of Cellular Curious, Jan breaks down why predictive maintenance is critical for reducing costs associated with asset downtime.

Although it may not be as exciting as the world of robotics and self-driving vehicles, predictive maintenance is a significant contributor to increasing operational efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime of expensive equipment by identifying and solving problems before they occur. Sensors capture data and share it with analytics systems, which can spot potential malfunctions and less efficient operations within assets. Cellular connectivity like 5G networks allows the easy introduction of new measurements and sensors at scale.

By keeping close tabs on how their machines are performing at all times, organizations can greatly reduce operating costs. Older equipment can be retrofitted with wireless sensors, prolonging their lifespan and allowing that facility to cut cumbersome and costly cables. Cellular is especially helpful in environments whose infrastructure can no longer support traditional means of connectivity like wires and WiFi. Technology like 5G and LTE can be trusted to provide the flexibility and mobility required to not only facilitate digital transformations now, but well into the future.

5G also allows to gather data from products for the purpose of predictive maintenance during production as well as during the further lifecycle of a product in the filed using one technology.

To learn more about how and why predictive maintenance is mission critical for any organization trying to decrease costs while maximizing production, and why 5G cellular will make it all possible, don’t miss this episode of Cellular Curious.

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