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Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

A guide to Industry 4.0 transformation

Automation makes manufacturing smarter

Manufacturing is a wide and varied industry that accounts for everything from microbreweries to aerospace facilities and vehicle assembly lines. An industry-wide digital transformation is taking place, creating opportunities to increase efficiency and employee safety while reducing operating costs.


Key insights

Agile automation

Agile automation

Consumers want customization in the products they buy, making agile operations a key component to maintaining an advantage in today’s competitive market. Automation can help achieve the agility manufacturers need to respond to constantly changing demands.

Reliable connectivity

Reliable connectivity

Advanced technologies like digital twins and collaborative robots are taking facilities to the next level of manufacturing automation. All of these uses require the strong, high-speed, low latency connectivity in high device density environments that only private cellular can provide.

The 5 most impactful use cases for industry 4.0

Real-life use cases

This report examines five real-life use cases that enable manufacturers to conduct their operations more efficiently and the ROI generated by each case using cellular:

  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)
  • Collaborative robots (cobots)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Digital twins
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