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Enterprise reports

Enterprise reports

Explore how enterprises across industries can harness cellular technology to boost agility, efficiency, safety and profitability.

Your guide to digital transformation

Discover the latest insights from Ericsson enterprise reports featuring use cases and expert recommendations.

Smart grid – always on, always plugged in

The Smart Grid paper for the European market unpacks the components of the digital power grids and explores how mission-critical wireless networks are transforming power management and delivery.

Connected aviation

The airports of tomorrow need to embrace new technologies to evolve their operations. Smart connectivity improves efficiency, makes workers more productive, and offers a more streamlined travel experience all while reducing costs. The sweetspot for private cellular network is centered around the airside, where the art of airport operations comes together.

Connected buildings

The report explores the business value and climate impact resulting from IoT-enabled digital control of buildings to monitor, control and optimize energy usage – enabling property owners to decrease energy costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing their property value.

Connected Energy Utilities

Read our report on how cellular connectivity is digitally transforming energy utility capabilities. Dive into ten different use cases and explore how cellular connectivity advanced progress for utility companies.

Making the smart grid, smarter

The smart grid is always on, always plugged in, and private LTE networks are enabling utilities to better manage their networks as well as achieve their goals. This report unpacks the components of the digital power grid and dives into the challenges faced, including economic forces, security threats, natural disasters and last-mile delivery.

Cybersecurity for utilities

The biggest challenge utilities are facing is maintaining network security as they advance connectivity to integrate cellular networks. Zpryme surveyed more than 80 utilities about their cybersecurity postures for this report and what it revealed was concerning - investments in security technologies and training are lagging far behind investments in infrastructure.

Connected industries

With 5G becoming a reality, enhanced by AI and edge computing, cellular technology is a major leap in efficiency and possibility. In this report, Ericsson interviewed 25 original equipment manufacturers in six different sectors to discover how digitalization, powered by cellular, could transform their businesses for good. Six key points emerged.

Connected Enterprise

To create this report, Ericsson captured insights from experts at leading companies including Audi, AT&T, Globe Tracker and Grundfos to learn how they are using 5G and IoT to put into practice what, at one point, seemed unimaginable. Learn about their amazing journeys along with our 6 Golden Rules of Digital Transformation Success.

Connected manufacturing

An industry-wide digital transformation is taking place, creating opportunities for manufacturers to increase efficiency and employee safety while reducing operating costs. This report examines and quantifies the potential value of private cellular networks for the manufacturing industry as well as the challenges faced and how smart manufacturing automation can address them.

Connected ports

The shipping industry has experienced significant growth, but to accommodate future traffic, ports will need to become more efficient and automated. Explore real-life use cases of how 5G cellular is optimizing port operations by powering new cost reductions, increasing worker safety and sustainability.

Connected mining

Global mining produces $1.5 trillion in materials annually - roughly 2% of the world’s gross domestic product, per World Mining Data 2020. Automation can advance operations in digital mines. This report presents the top challenges facing mining operations as well as five, real-life use cases how 5G cellular is enabling mines to maximize productivity, safety and output.

Power grid communications

In the utilities sector, the use of 3GPP connectivity and LTE/5G-based cellular private networks on licensed and unlicensed spectrums are addressing industry modernization and digitalization needs. This paper highlights key trends and business drivers for power grid network modernization as well as a portfolio of cellular-enabled use cases.

Utility networks: The inherent risks of doing nothing

This joint report between Ericsson, Anterix, Alpha Wireless, the New York Power Authority, Telit, and the Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA), uncovers the importance of automating and modernizing communication systems to better manage service delivery. It also explains why private cellular networks create a competitive edge with more flexibility, scalability and control.

ABI Research: Industry 4.0

By deploying dedicated, cellular-enabled Industry 4.0 solutions, manufacturers can create new technological solutions and generate an operational cost savings of 10x to 20x over five years. This report explains why and how manufacturing executives must develop the right connectivity strategies to unlock this value.