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Smart Grid report for the European market

Smart Grid paper for the European market

Mission-critical wireless connectivity needed for power management and delivery transformation

Smart grid – always on, always plugged in

The Smart Grid paper for the European market unpacks the components of the digital power grids and explores how mission-critical wireless networks are transforming power management and delivery.


Join the journey to power grid modernization

If there is one thing modern society relies on, it’s electricity. With multiple challenges, such as economic forces, cybersecurity threats, or natural disasters, sustaining a constant flow of power is a complex and challenging task. To meet these challenges and keep the power always on, utility companies are undergoing a process of digitalization.

In the Smart Grid paper, learn about the components of the digital power grids and how wireless networks enable safer, more reliable, and secure smart grid management.

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Key insights

Modernizing the power grid requires a mission-critical, multipurpose wireless network that can address the growing ecosystem of use cases and offer advanced, standardized technology – driven by a global 3GPP ecosystem.

Modernizing the power grid

Here are key insights from the paper:

  • With the adoption of the right spectrum, device ecosystem, and technology, wireless will allow for expanded control, scale, and reliability in interconnecting power generation and distribution and for consolidation of mission-critical fault location, isolation, and restoration.
  • As utilities continue to adopt grid modernization, the reliability and security introduced by LTE wireless will extend from power distribution to the last mile of the power delivery infrastructure.
  • To address grid decentralization and transparency goals, LTE wireless can enable more real-time monitoring of power grid components in the last mile.

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