Is your innovation project ready to scale?

At Ericsson we turn technology innovation projects into business. We do it at scale, we do it with speed and we do it every day. Now we want to share this capacity with you – the passionate and innovative start-ups of the world. No matter which stage your start-up is in, Ericsson can make a difference. Finding your first customer, building and evolving your technology, or supporting you in scaling your idea globally – we want to work with you.

Our Ericsson ONE business incubator program is a pragmatic and action-oriented program that focuses on getting things done. We co-create and expose your ideas to the market. We believe in hands-on learning by doing, to help you build fast and pivot faster. Therefore we have established a streamlined startup incubator program with clear goals and milestones for the startups that are selected. If you have the drive, we offer:


  • Tailored coaching program with access to 180 markets
  • Ericsson as your first customer
  • Joint workshops and seminars to boost your skills and grow your network
  • Facilitate access to some of the world's leading operators, business development support and connections to real customer cases
  • We offer the opportunity for global testing and experimentation, access to expertise and deep insights in technological areas like 5G and IoT
  • Connect you to our ecosystem of investor relations, academia, industries, and other start-ups – working together to find that magical market fit that makes your business scale globally.

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Co-creation is key

Our way of working with start-ups is based on co-creation. Together we find synergies where Ericsson and start-ups can benefit from each other on different levels. For example, start-ups get support and access to our ecosystem of partners and customers, and Ericsson learn from start-ups agile work processes. Ericsson furthermore incubate and streamline the start-ups' development through clear milestones and tollgates. 


We're working with start-up HypeLabs to develop mesh network technology that enables IoT devices to connect – without the internet.

Current start-ups in Ericsson ONE

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