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Is 5G the key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0?

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Ringside Session 2 – Available here On Demand

The second Ringside Session is a wrap. We would like to thank all the viewers who joined us! For those who missed the live Session: Don't worry! The on demand version is available.

In the Session, two executive operator representatives, two industry leaders, a security expert, and Arun Bansal from Ericsson joined Shivvy Jervis, our moderator, to discuss whether 5G will be key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0. To watch the on demand version please click here.

Watch the highlights of the second Ringside Session
What was the participants' view on the importance of IoT and security? Where do they see opportunities and challenges? Watch the highlights below to get a quick glimpse of the discussion.

Ringside Highlights from Stockholm

Watch the highlights of the second Ringside Session

What was the participants' view on the importance of IoT and security? Where do they see opportunities and challenges? Watch the highlights below to get a quick glimpse of the discussion.

Watch the on demand version

Ringside Session participants

Industry voices that joined us for Ringside Session #2

Shivvy Jervis

Shivvy Jervis

Award winning tech futurist
Shivvy is a multi-award winning tech futurist and broadcaster focusing on the most groundbreaking advances reshaping how we do business. She has received over 20 accolades for her work, including a “woman of the year” nomination by the UK public and being voted one of Europe’s most creative thinkers in tech. She is the former head of digital for the world’s third largest telco and the creator of two long-running innovation video series’ where she interviews the world’s top tech pioneers.

Arun Bansal

Arun Bansal

President and Head of Ericsson Europe and Latin America
Arun is Senior Vice President and Head of Market Area Europe & Latin America. He joined Ericsson in 1995 and has held various senior positions in the company, including Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Network Products from April 2016 to March 2017, Head of Business Unit Radio from 2014 to 2016, and Head of Region South East Asia and Oceania from 2010 to 2014. He was also responsible for establishing the world’s first managed capacity operation with the operator Bharti Airtel in India. Arun holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, both from India.

Peter Burman

Peter Burman

Program Manager Mine Automation, Boliden
Peter Burman is Program Manager Mine Automation at Boliden. After working for Boliden between 1988 and 1995 he left for the telecom business – during 17 years at Ericsson and Ascom he worked in various positions like R&D manager and Business Area Manager. He has been Project Manager in the Mine Automation Program at Boliden since 2012 and was appointed to Program manager for the whole mine automation Program in 2015.

Jonas Halldin

Jonas Halldin

CISO and Director Cyber Security Services, Zacco Group
Jonas Halldin is Chief Information Security Officer and Director Cyber Security Services at Zacco Group. He has 21 years experience within IT, 18 of these with a focus in Cyber Security. Jonas holds certifications such as CISA, CISM and CRISC and has held positions such as CISO/CSO at Fingerprint Cards, Cyber Security Manager at Volvo Group Telematics and CISO at GN Store Nord. With a deep technical understanding and a broad business perspective he focuses on Cyber Security as a business enabler.

Arnaud Vamparys

Arnaud Vamparys

SVP Radio Networks and 5G group champion, Orange
Arnaud Vamparys is Senior Vice President Radio Networks and 5G group champion at Orange. He gained field experience from roles such as chief of engineering of Dutchtone and CTIO for Spanish ISP Wanadoo. Within Orange, he held the roles of VP Products and Services Development for Orange Business Services, Orange Labs Mass Market VP as well as “Seamless Wireless Access” Group Strategic Program Director.

Andre Årnes

Andre Årnes

SVP and Chief Security Officer, Telenor Group
André Årnes is the SVP and Chief Security Officer at Telenor Group. An accomplished technology leader, André is responsible for governing and monitoring risks, policies and programs to drive the execution of Telenor’s Security Strategy globally, with a strong focus on cyber security. He has worked with Telenor Group since 2010, where he previously held the position of CIO for Global Shared Services. André has extensive experience from senior security and technology roles in global corporations, as well as from academic research, software engineering and from law enforcement, where he served as a special investigator in cybercrime investigations and digital forensics.

Tobias Söreling

Tobias Söreling

Manager Station Critical Software, Atlas Copco
Tobias Söreling is responsible for developing and maintaining a software platform used across multiple product lines within the Industrial Technique Business Area at Atlas Copco. He has over the last 10 years held various positions within the company, all of them focusing on providing customer value with connected devices. Several of the positions have been customer facing, experiencing installations around the world. Tobias has been part of the journey using different wireless standards and is now involved in the challenges and opportunities that cellular connections can create.

Ringside Views banner

Ringside Views

Ringside Views is our quarterly update exploring topics important to the industry. Each issue looks into the questions being asked at the Ringside Session. The latest edition is focused on Security and IoT.

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Ringside Challenges - Phone

Introducing the Ringside Challenges

During the last Ringside Session, Ericsson were challenged to find solutions to 3 key issues around 5G uptake and deployment.

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Ringside Session #1 - Will Operators fail to become IoT businesses?

Get to know what was the participants' view on the importance of IoT? Where do they see opportunities and challenges?

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Ericsson studies related to the second Ringside Session

Here are some great related Ericsson reports to dive deeper into the topic of security.

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A guide to 5G network security

Conceptualizing security in mobile communication networks – how does 5G fit in?

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Telecom security for a connected world

Security is built in to our products by design, making bolt-on security a thing of the past.

Our approach to e2e security

5G security

5G security - enabling a trustworthy 5G system 

This white paper provides an overview of the five core properties that contribute to the trustworthiness of the 5G system: resilience, communication security, identity management, privacy and security assurance.

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End-to-End Security Management

End-to-End Security Management for the IoT 

An article that looks after an end-to-end security management approach to ensure security and privacy in the IoT, while simultaneously building strong identities and maintaining trust.

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Women holding hand under drone

Technology Trends for 2018

Every year our CTO has the pleasure of presenting the upcoming technology trends based on the answers to two key questions: What will the world look like in the decades ahead, from a technology point of view, and which of those technologies are most likely to place significant demands on the future network?

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RGB With our combined IoT and 5G image

Trust technologies for security assurance

In this research blog post we discuss three technologies that have key impact when it comes to define and assure the security of the future network platform.

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Top IoT security concerns and ways to address them

The greater the number of connected devices the greater the risk of exposure to advanced and persistent threats. In this blog post we go into four concerns customers have on the top of their mind when devising their IoT strategies as well as some suggestions how to reinforce end-to-end network and IoT operation security.

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connected devices

Security for connected devices

This blog post we share our early learnings from a research project run by Lund University with Ericsson as one of the industry partners. The project aims to develop techniques and practices to facilitate relevant, cost-efficient vulnerability analyses for specific products in specific environments.

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