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Will Operators fail to become IoT businesses?

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Ringside Session 1 – Available here On Demand

The first Ringside Session is a wrap. We would like to thank all the viewers who joined us! For those who missed the live Session: Don’t worry! A full recording of the discussion as well as a highlight version are now available – both video and audio only. See them below to get your insights on the operators' role in IoT.

Thank you for joining us at the Ringside!

In the Session, three prominent operator representatives, a telecom outsider and Arun Bansal from Ericsson joined Shivvy Jervis, our moderator, to discuss whether operators will succeed in becoming IoT businesses. The participants got into some tough discussions about the role of operators in the IoT value chain, where the money is, and what challenges operators should be ready to face. Even if no comfortable consensus was reached, now we all know more about what it will really take for an operator to become successful in the IoT market. In the weeks to come, we will also follow up on the topics and questions raised during the live debate with more in-depth material. Until then, make sure to take a look at the Ericsson 5G and IoT case studies and business studies in the section below.

Watch the highlights of the first Ringside Session

What was the participants' view on the importance of IoT? Where do they see opportunities and challenges? Watch the highlights below to get a quick glimpse of the discussion.

Ringside Views

Ringside Views is our quarterly update exploring topics important to the industry. Each issue looks into the questions being asked at the Ringside Session. The latest edition is focused on Security and IoT.

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On the go? Listen to the first Ringside Session!

Below you will find an audio version of both the full recording as well as the highlight version of the first Ringside Session.

Full discussion
Listen to the full version of the discussion.

Listen to the highlight version of the discussion.

Ringside Session participants

Industry voices that joined us for Ringside Session #1

Shivvy Jervis

Shivvy Jervis, moderator of Ringside Session #1
Shivvy is a multi-award winning tech futurist and broadcaster focusing on the most groundbreaking advances reshaping how we do business. She has received over 20 accolades for her work, including a “woman of the year” nomination by the UK public and being voted one of Europe’s most creative thinkers in tech. She is the former head of digital for the world’s third largest telco and the creator of two long-running innovation video series’ where she interviews the world’s top tech pioneers.

Stefano Gastaut

Stefano Gastaut, Vodafone
Stefano leads Vodafone’s Internet of Things business unit where he is responsible for driving Vodafone’s IoT growth, business strategy, products and profit and loss at a global level, including the Vodafone Automotive business. Before joining Vodafone in 2004 and holding a number of senior positions in both consumer and enterprise in Vodafone Italy, Ireland and Egypt, Stefano worked in management consulting at Bain and in consumer products in Sara Lee and Philips.

Berit Svendsen

Berit Svendsen, Telenor
Berit Svendsen is EVP Scandinavian Cluster and CEO of Telenor Norway, one of Norway’s largest technology companies. Berit joined Telenor in 1988 as a Research Scientist and has devoted almost all of her career to Telenor. In 2011 she became the CEO of Telenor Norway, and since 2017 she is head of the Scandinavian Cluster. She is currently a board member of DNB and was in 2016 named one of Europe’s top fifty most inspirational women in technology.

Per Roman

Per Roman, GP Bullhound
Per Roman is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GP Bullhound LLP since 1999, and one of Europe’s best-known technology investment bankers and experts in international M&A and capital transactions for high-growth businesses. He started his banking career at Lehman Brothers in London, focusing on technology & Internet. Prior to that, he gained experience at Autodesk, Inc., both in San Rafael and Geneva. He graduated from Stockholm School of Economics and holds an MSc in Finance.

Arun Bansal

Arun Bansal, Ericsson
Arun is Senior Vice President and Head of Market Area Europe & Latin America. He joined Ericsson in 1995 and has held various senior positions in the company, including Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Network Products from April 2016 to March 2017, Head of Business Unit Radio from 2014 to 2016, and Head of Region South East Asia and Oceania from 2010 to 2014. He was also responsible for establishing the world’s first managed capacity operation with the operator Bharti Airtel in India. Arun holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, both from India.

Arash Ashouriha

Arash Ashouriha, Deutsche Telekom AG
Arash is SVP Technology Architecture & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom and in charge of the strategic development and architectural evolution of the technology domains including OSS alongside technology innovation management, patent management and standardization. He is also responsible for technology vendor portfolio management. Prior to joining Deutsche Telekom in 2016, Arash was with Vodafone Group for 15 years, where he held multiple international senior management roles.

Ericsson Consumer lab studies related to the first Ringside Session

Here are some great related Ericsson reports to dive deeper into the topics of 5G and IoT

The industry impact of 5G

The industry impact of 5G
How will large companies harness 5G within their enterprise? That's what we asked 900 decision makers across 10 key industries.
– Download the report here

5G deployment considerations

5G deployment considerations
Read our key considerations for building out your 5G network to support multiple use-cases. Ericsson solutions enable an evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through a natural, step-wise implementation – one that balances investment, new revenue streams and competitiveness.
– Download the report here

The guide to capturing the 5G industry digitalization business potential

The guide to capturing the 5G industry digitalization business potential
Leverage our comprehensive guide detailing how operators can commence their 5G-IoT business. We outline the opportunities, the challenges and the case studies that are emerging from the digitalization of industries.
– Download the report here

Exploring IoT strategies

Exploring IoT strategies
A study where 20 leading IoT telecom service providers around the world were researched, to understand how they are engaging on the market and where they position along the value chain.

Bringing 5G business value to industries: 5G manufacturing for jet engines case study

Bringing 5G business value to industries: 5G manufacturing for jet engines case study
In this case study we uncover the value, in terms of both economic and sustainability, for using 5G technology in the production of critical components for jet engines.
– Download the report here