Intent-aware clouds

A new paradigm for cloud management and orchestration

Cyber-physical systems

Digitalization of industries will transform how businesses run their operations, engage with their customers and develop their services. This gives rise to new opportunities with business-critical processes and real time cooperation between machines, software and human operation. That will be characteristic of cyber physical system. The computing in cyber physical system is performed in a powerful, intelligent and distributed computing environment we call Industrial Cloud platform embedded in the network and powered by data.

In future, cyber physical systems will give life to a new wave of collaborative industrial applications – learning, sharing and leveraging massive amount of data in real time. These applications will be executed across a unified computing platform spanning device, internet, the edge, access and core networks. Built on best-in-class computing infrastructures, performing on a distributed environment, with an organically expanding operating systems, industrial cloud platform will make it easy for businesses to automate a distributed mesh of services across a dynamic ecosystem. This will facilitate the transition from existing to new business models.



Transforming industry with 5G cloud robotics

Robots have become increasingly advanced in recent years, moving gradually from concept to live application in manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Read how Ericsson’s collaborative research into cloud robotics and cyber physical systems is opening new opportunities for industry and agriculture in Tuscany.