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Oil and gas industry cases

5G heralds the future for the oil and gas sector, revolutionizing operations with high-speed connectivity and data exchange, enhancing efficiency, safety, and innovation.

Paper | Solving wind energy’s connectivity challenge

Read how LTE/5G cellular makes remote inspections and predictive maintenance available to wind energy operators.

Environmental Sustainability

Proactive management of topics relating to climate action and environment is a core component of Ericsson’s sustainability strategy.

Report | Network energy performance

If 5G is deployed in the same way as previous generations to meet the increasing traffic demands, energy consumption of mobile networks would increase dramatically.

Video | The Net Zero journey with Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Head of Sustainability

The industry is now moving towards a net zero commitment. What does this mean and what initiatives can help support mobile network operators?

Report | MIT report outlines the decarbonization impact of connectivity for industries

A new MIT Technology Review Insights report explores the enabling impact of connectivity in decarbonizing some of the biggest emitting industrial sectors.

Industry conversation | Oil and Gas Engineering

Ericsson and Tampnet discuss how private networks are accelerating oil and gas efficiency.