How to break the energy curve

Roll out 5G without increasing energy consumption

Network energy performance

If 5G is deployed in the same way as previous generations to meet the increasing traffic demands, energy consumption of mobile networks would increase dramatically. This is unsustainable in terms of cost as well as environmental impact. Here Ericsson introduces an innovative approach to reduce network energy use. It includes solutions that enable operator networks to use as little energy as possible while managing expected growth in data traffic; meeting the needs of both current and future 5G networks.

Breaking the energy curve

Energy curve

Can we rollout 5G and reduce energy consumption?

The answer is yes. It is possible to break the energy curve. We see this as an opportunity to rethink how to build, operate and manage networks in a smarter and more strategic way. It is not only an option, it is an industry responsibility. The report presents how to reduce energy consumption of mobile networks, as well as solutions to manage mobile broadband traffic growth including 5G roll-outs.

Ericsson's innovative approach

To break the energy curve, it is necessary to address all different parts of the network holistically. We have tested, deployed and refined the different solutions into a holistic approach to demonstrate how to break the increasing energy consumption curve of mobile networks. Communication service providers can start their energy savings in any area. Taking the first step not only allows more savings, but also provides insights that can be applied later. 

In a new report, Breaking the energy curve, Ericsson highlights the savings that can be achieved by through a new innovative approach.

Breaking the energy curve

Breaking the energy curve: from vision to reality

Is it possible to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while meeting the demands of expected massive data traffic growth?

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The elements of Ericsson’s breaking the energy curve approach


Prepare the network

Modernizing the network with the latest technology enables new business opportunities and, at the same time, creates significant energy savings. In low-traffic areas, modernizations can yield a payback period of less than three years based on energy savings alone.

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Activate energy-saving software

Build 5G with precision

Build 5G with precision

It is important to have the right equipment in the right place. By building 5G with precision, service providers can optimize the performance of network build-out on new 5G frequencies, within capex and opex limits.

Ericsson Radio Site System macro rooftop

Operate site infrastructure intelligently

By making use of artificial intelligence (AI), service providers can operate site infrastructure more proactively.

New approach to network energy efficiency

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Our broad range of solutions – developed for and with our customers make it easy to meet traffic growth and lower mobile network energy consumption from today’s level. All of these can already be implemented to either prepare for or support 5G deployment, click below to find out more.