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Breaking the energy curve

Reduce network energy with our 3 step approach

Mastering energy efficiency to reach Net Zero

Network energy performance

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5G has been deployed globally in over 200 live networks. As we move towards 2025, Ericsson believes it is possible to scale up 5G, while simultaneously reducing total network energy consumption.


Enabling Net Zero

The demand on mobile networks will continue to grow and without action, energy use and related emissions will too. In order to reach Net Zero, it is important to reduce energy consumption and break the energy curve.

Breaking the energy curve

Enable a Net Zero Future

By working through all three steps of our approach, we believe it is possible to break the energy curve in mobile networks.

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Energy consumption in mobile networks has increased over time. About the same increase with each new mobile generation. We must advance how we plan, deploy and operate mobile networks to break the upgoing trajectory of energy consumption.

Breaking the energy curve

Our evolving approach to breaking the energy curve

BTEC-our approach infographic

Customer cases

Supporting portfolio

Breaking the energy curve, 2020 edition

Rolling out 5G without increasing energy consumption

Rolling out 5G without increasing energy consumption

Focusing on deploying 5G, we’ve highlighted the savings that can be achieved by preparing the network with the latest technology solutions, activating energy-saving software, building 5G with precision, and operating site infrastructure intelligently. The 12-page report also shares real customer cases, that are currently live and are positively impacting energy consumption and reducing carbon footprints.

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Redefining the best network

The best network no longer means just fast and reliable. It’s time to redefine the ‘best network’ as high performing, energy efficient and sustainable.

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A holistic approach to address RAN energy efficiency

Why is the energy challenge so important for the mobile industry? Mobile networks have the potential to reduce global energy consumption by delivering, among other things, reliable remote working and video conferencing, thereby reducing the need for travel, and commuting. In this blog authors Johan Hultell and Michael Begley unveils how you can scale 5G to meet the four-fold traffic increase expected by 2025, while aiming to reduce the absolute network energy consumption.

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Who cares about peak download speeds in 5G?

Think about the apps that you use on your smartphone all the time. Do you have any idea about what download speed is required for you to have a good experience when using them?

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