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Ericsson Connected Vehicles

Ericsson connects more than 4 million vehicles globally on the Connected Vehicle Cloud platform.

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Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ecosystem partnerships

The future of automotive: Connectivity and automation


Whatever you call it – connected car, IoT or automotive intelligence – digitalization and connectivity are redefining the ways we move from place to place. Our services enable automakers and fleet owners to develop, deploy, secure and manage connected vehicle services worldwide. Telecom service providers rely on Ericsson cellular networks and operators to optimize those same networks.

The latest Ericsson Technology Review article is out: “Driving transformation in the automotive and road transport ecosystem with 5G”.
One of the many benefits of 5G networks is their ability to provide reliable, secure and fit-for-purpose cellular connectivity in automotive and transport applications.
Are you interested to find out how the 5G rollout can meet the connectivity needs of the connected vehicles ecosystem as well as reading about the key challenges and potential solutions?


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Ericsson is hitting the street

You may not notice us, but our technology, software and services are hard at work in cities around the world. Join us as we make connections happen in intelligent transport.

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CARE - Four megatrends for connected vehicles

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Connect your vehicles

Ericsson has been connecting vehicles for almost 10 years. Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) is an award-winning platform with more than 3 million connected vehicles on the road. The CVC provides global scalability, security and flexibility. Experience Ericsson's approach to the connected car.

Image depicting an overview of Ericsson’s Connected Traffic Tower concept for automotive IoT.


Get your network ready

The automotive and transport industries are rapidly evolving and the industry will need reliable, secure and swift services and infrastructure. New demands for vehicle connectivity and safety will change how connected cars use the network in the future.

As you meet new challenges and new opportunities, Ericsson can provide everything you need to build, integrate, manage and monetize your connected vehicle ecosystem. From in-vehicle telematics and infotainment offerings to multimodal transport solutions, V2E communication and vehicle automation, we help you stay ahead of the curve with our connected vehicle solutions.

Connected Vehicle ecosystem

Connected Vehicle ecosystem

Making connected transport a reality requires a truly diverse ecosystem of players. We at Ericsson are proud to provide services and technology that help make those collaborations work, and our connected vehicle solutions are designed to support and leverage cross-industry partnerships.

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Automotive cases

Connected Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars make life safer, more efficient and more entertaining.

Scania's digital marketplace

The Scania One platform provides easy access to connected services for fleet owners and drivers.

LYNK & CO delivers

Born digital, LYNK & CO delivers a car that is always connected to create a new automobile experience.

Ericsson One Fleet

With a global fleet of more 13,000+ vehicles, Ericsson is driving a new initiative to provide a single source of data for the entire fleet. With this global view Ericsson aims to improve operations and increase sustainability.

Let's take the journey together

Connected vehicles bring more value to automotive manufacturers and drivers. Ericsson solutions and connectivity expertise will help you get there faster.

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