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Ericsson Connected Vehicles

Ericsson connects more than 4 million vehicles globally on the Connected Vehicle Cloud platform.

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Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud


Connected Traffic Tower

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Are you ready to stand out in the world of new mobility? Use connectivity to amplify your brand's unique personality and strengthen your position on the automotive market. Ericsson makes connectivity easy for vehicle manufacturers. Let’s take this journey together.

The latest Ericsson Technology Review article is out: “Driving transformation in the automotive and road transport ecosystem with 5G”.
One of the many benefits of 5G networks is their ability to provide reliable, secure and fit-for-purpose cellular connectivity in automotive and transport applications.
Are you interested to find out how the 5G rollout can meet the connectivity needs of the connected vehicles ecosystem as well as reading about the key challenges and potential solutions?

About Ericsson Connected Vehicle solutions

  • Helping vehicle manufacturers leverage connectivity since 2012
  • Connecting 4 million vehicles across 130 countries
  • Offering Connected Vehicle Cloud – a complete platform for connected vehicles
  • Driving innovation across the entire connected transport landscape

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If you want to succeed in the connected vehicle ecosystem, we're here to help. Let's discuss how you can provide value in the automotive IoT market.

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For vehicle manufacturers

Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC)

Ready to innovate? Choose a connected vehicle platform that makes it easier. Today, our industry-leading automotive partners rely on Connected Vehicle Cloud to provide one of a kind connected vehicle experiences. Find out why you should join them.

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Vehicles – connected by Ericsson

Our car isn’t just a car. Not anymore. It’s our smartphone and sound system. It’s our map, traffic report, weathervane and childcare assistant. It’s the key to a more connected, more productive and more sustainable lifestyle. As the leaders in connectivity Ericsson is enabling innovation in vehicle services by decoupling software from hardware, and moving complexity to the cloud. With our specialized platforms we’re simplifying the management of connected vehicle systems and increasing the flexibility of new service roll-out. And thanks to our global knowledge, we’re facilitating smooth subscription services, switching seamlessly across borders and networks. Vehicles, connected by Ericsson. It’s vehicle connectivity. Made easy.

Trusted by the best

These category leaders use our solutions to provide pioneering connected vehicle experiences.

Connecting Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars use Connected Vehicle Cloud to provide safe, reliable and engaging mobility.

Lynk & CO

The born-digital brand Lynk &CO uses Connected Vehicle Cloud to offer an always connected experience.

For service providers

Connected Traffic Tower (CTT)

Ready to serve new mobility and autonomous transport? Choose a partner that makes it easier. Leading operators rely on our products and services to meet the evolving demands of vehicle manufacturers and transportation providers. Find out how you can be a leader in connected automated transportation.

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Transforming transportation

Cities are growing, millions of vehicles are connecting, data volumes are exploding. The age of automated transport is here. Is your network smart enough? Fast enough? Flexible enough? Ericsson presents its Connected Traffic Tower concept which integrates fleet management and network technology around network slicing, 5G and edge computing. It enables fleet orchestration of connected automated fleets with high connectivity needs.

The future of automotive

The connectivity-fueled disruption of the automotive industry is just beginning. Are you ready? To help you succeed with automotive innovation, we've collected case studies, executive insights, expert articles and informative videos in our Future of automotive resource center.

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Winning collaborations

Succeeding with connected vehicles requires a diverse ecosystem of players. Here are some of the partnerships we support between vehicle manufacturers, technology innovators and cross-industry consortiums.

Building trust with Veoneer

Our partnership with Veoneer is making safe and reliable ADAS and autonomous driving a reality.

Driving 5G with Telia, Einride and DB Schenker

Telia are testing our 5G Cloud Core in Sweden with Einride T-Pod autonomous trucks.

Setting the standard with 5GAA

As a member of the 5G Automotive Association, we are paving the way for the 5G connected vehicle.

Let's take the journey together

Connected vehicles bring more value to automotive manufacturers and drivers. Ericsson solutions and connectivity expertise will help you get there faster.

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