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Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) brings together vehicles, drivers, passengers and infrastructure at a global scale. With more than three million cars connected across 130+ countries, Ericsson’s CVC is the most complete connected car platform in the global automotive industry.

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC)

Connectivity has changed the automotive ecosystem and the way drivers interact with their vehicles. CVC connects vehicles and occupants with automotive manufacturers, dealers, traffic authorities, network operators, repair shops, content providers, media and more.

Reach drivers and passengers in new ways to transform the driving experience, improve road safety and deliver new business opportunities.


Create convenience, safety and security by enabling a wide range of user services for vehicle ease-of-use.

Service innovation

Decouple development from infrastructure and speedily unlock and quickly deploy new innovative services.


Transform vehicle data into new revenue-generating services and swiftly onboard new capabilities through the ecosystem.

Fleet Services

Bring consistent and accurate monitoring, analysis and automation to large-scale connected fleets, and generate mobility-as-a-service plus other new fleet services.


Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud provides a platform for intelligent V2X (vehicle to infrastructure) and is built to handle massive growth in connected vehicle data traffic. Able to communicate securely across clouds and different manufacturers’ vehicles, Ericsson’s platform enables V2V and V2X communication that will improve safety and efficiency. 

Connectivity Management

Streamline and simplify connectivity across the organization to ensure network reliability, data accuracy and consistency across vehicles.

Automotive cases

Volvo connected cars

Volvo connected cars make life safer, more efficient and more entertaining.

LYNK & CO delivers

Born digital, LYNK & CO delivers a car that is always connected to create a new automobile experience.

Winning Collaborations


Ericsson and Veoneer are collaborating to build trust in mobility and enable new automotive services.


Next generation mobile networks will help to address society's mobility and road safety needs. Ericsson is a founding member of this global cross-industry association of telecommunications and automotive players.

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