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Connected Fleet services

Maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles is a massive and cumbersome task. Fleet owners and operators must keep track of numerous factors, including vehicle routing, maintenance needs, fuel usage and vehicle on-and off-boarding.

Challenges also arise when international fleets use their own systems for connecting and collecting vehicle data across multiple countries and regions. Mismanagement of any of this data quickly causes a fleet to become a huge source of extraneous and avoidable costs, so businesses have a critical need for data consolidation on a global level.

Ericsson Connected Fleet


Ericsson Connected Fleet allows enterprises and operators to more effectively monitor, analyze, automate and manage their large-scale connected fleets. It collects, consolidates and unifies data in all formats to ensure common presentation and reporting.

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Ericsson Connected Fleet is offered as-a-service to auto makers and large fleet owners and comes pre-configured ready to use right out of the box.

  • A globalized solution, it can be utilized by any organization wanting to gain greater control and management of their fleets.
  • Make faster and better business decisions with quality, digitized data delivered on time.
  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency with automated processes.

Why Ericsson Connected Fleet?

Unify business processes across the organization, maintaining high data accuracy and consistency throughout the fleet.

Analyze data to gain deep insights into fleet performance to make detailed business decisions.


  • Enable better driver, vehicle and asset management via easy-to-use web tools.
  • Allow managers to track and trace their fleet with vehicle position and direction displayed on maps in real-time.
  • Monitor and evaluates driver behavior and award an eco-score.
  • Manage vehicle status and service via telematics data, enabling fleet owners to continuously monitor vehicles and detect problems before they affect business.
  • Mapping and geo-fencing to alert operators if the vehicle enters or leaves a defined geographical area.
  • Trip and traffic analysis can replay events that occurred during the trip
  • Powerful reporting and analytics engine enables end-users to analyze historical data and forecast future situations.
Ericsson ONE Fleet

Ericsson ONE Fleet

Ericsson uses Ericsson Connected Fleet to effectively and easily manage its own fleet of roughly 13,000 vehicles worldwide.

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