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Vehicle telematics

Delivering the most attractive vehicle proposition means delivering the most intelligent and convenient driver experience with vehicle telematics.

Vehicle telematics serves as a base for manufacturers to build high-value services for customers and as the starting point for the connected car. Maximize the value of the data that your vehicles experience with our automotive-grade, easy-to-use global telematics solutions, and deliver a more immersive and intelligent vehicle experience.

What does Ericsson Telematics do?

What does Ericsson Telematics do?

Ericsson Telematics ensures you can deliver the most reliable in-vehicle experience. With remote locking and unlocking, remote heating control, remote engine start-stop capabilities, and automatic emergency calling direct to the call center, drivers gain a superior experience. Ericsson Telematics is an automotive-grade, scalable, cost-efficient, guaranteed 24/7 service solution powered by Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud.

Ericsson Telematics also delivers advanced connected safety, autonomous drive and self-parking, and shared ownership models.

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How will Ericsson Telematics improve my capabilities?

The telematics services solution is purpose-built for automotive:

  • Independent vehicle protocol creates flexibility and decoupling from vehicle hardware devices
  • Built to scale and perform for automotive-specific communication patterns
  • Global operations, 24/7

The vehicle telematics services are ready-to-use and evolve to help you bring more value to fleet managers and drivers:

  • Get access to continuous enhancement
  • Reduce the time to market for new services
  • Accelerate deployment of an end-to-end solution, including pre-integrated telematics control unit (TCU) supplier

Ericsson Telematics Use Cases

Our comprehensive vehicle telematics allows you to manage the driver-facing offering. Services in our telematics solution:

  • Remote Events and Status
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Safety
  • Remote Security
  • Journey Log
  • Remote Diagnostic Code Handling
  • Telematics Module (TEM) Management
  • Remote Vehicle Configuration
  • Connected Vehicle portal - Reports and Data Exploration
  • Connected Vehicle Portal - Developer Portal

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