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58% of commuters are highly interested in alerts related to distracted drivers.

The Future of Automotive

Explore the technology and trends that are driving automotive innovation.

Digitalization and connectivity are redefining the ways we move from place to place. To help you stay informed in this evolving landscape, we've collected case studies, executive insights, expert articles and informative videos in this resource center. Let’s take the journey together. 

Transform transport with Connected Traffic Tower

The real benefits of connected automated transportation can only be unlocked with the right network and infrastructure support. The Connected Traffic Tower concept combines the power of our next generation network technology with the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud – designed to help connectivity service providers serve automated and remotely operated fleets of vehicles.

For automakers

Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ready to innovate? Choose a connected car platform that makes it easier. Today, our industry-leading automotive partners have more than four million connected vehicles on the road using Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC). Find out why you should join them.

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For service providers

Connected Traffic Tower

Ready to serve new mobility and autonomous transport? The Connected Traffic Tower concept makes it easier to meet the evolving demands of vehicle manufacturers and transportation providers. Find out how you can be a leader in connected automated transportation.

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Four automotive megatrends

There are four automotive megatrends now shaping the future of connected vehicles. We’ve given these trends the acronym CARE for connected, automated, redefined, and electric. We help automakers and connectivity service providers address these trends to become leaders in car connectivity.

Trusted by the best

These category leaders use our solutions to provide pioneering connected vehicle experiences.

Towards Zero: Creating safer roads with cellular-V2X in Australia

Leveraging the existing cellular network, C-V2X communications have the potential to transform our roads and make them safer for everyone – here’s how. 

Connecting Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars use Connected Vehicle Cloud to provide safe, reliable and engaging mobility.

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Lynk & Co

The born-digital brand Lynk &Co uses Connected Vehicle Cloud to offer an always connected experience.

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Supporting Scania One

Scania use Connected Vehicle Cloud as the backbone for their fleet services and vehicle telematics solution.

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Driving 5G with Telia, Einride and DB Schenker

Telia are testing our 5G Cloud Core in Sweden with Einride T-Pod autonomous trucks.

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How can autonomous vehicles and connected infrastructure make our roads safer? We are exploring the future of transport with AstaZero.

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DB Schenker – The next step in transportation

Markus Sontheimer, CIO & CDO of DB Schenker outlines the company’s strategic focus on connected transportation as a solution for a more sustainable logistics industry.

Ericsson One Fleet

To improve operations and increase sustainability, we use Connected Vehicle Cloud to manage our own global fleet of more than 13,000 vehicles.

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Winning collaborations

A successful connected vehicle ecosystem is made up of a diverse ecosystem of players. Here are some of the cross-industry partnerships we support between automakers, technology innovators and professional organizations.

Building trust with Veoneer

Our partnership with Veoneer is making safe and reliable ADAS and autonomous driving a reality.

Setting the standard with 5GAA

As a member of the 5G Automotive Association, we are paving the way for the 5G connected vehicle.

Redefining mobility with Drive Sweden

We work with Drive Sweden to build cross-industry collaborations that enable smart mobility.

Insights into automotive connectivity

New – Connected Car Webinar

Learn about automotive megatrends, challenges for automakers and what Ericsson has to offer with its Connected Vehicle Cloud platform.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) will soon make our roads much safer. Here’s quick look at the technology and services that are making self-driving cars a reality.

Software Defined Cars

The way cars are built and sold is being redefined. Find out how a car can evolve with each new over the air (OTA) update.

Data security for connected cars

As connected cars services expand and autonomous driving becomes a reality, ensuring secure data flow becomes more important, and more difficult.

Webinar | Looking under the hood of automotive IoT

Magnus Gunnarsson takes a look at today’s connected vehicles, and how the relationship between people and cars is changing.

Ericsson Technology Review

The latest Ericsson Technology Review article is out: “Driving transformation in the automotive and road transport ecosystem with 5G”.

Ericsson Technology Review

Take a deep dive and explore how automotive edge computing will play a key role in making cellular vehicle to everything (C V2X) communication a reality.

Mobile transformation in the automotive industry

Make your mobile transformation easier with this guide to success, based on years of innovation in the connected automotive industry.

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Let’s take the journey together

Learn more about how we can help you capture the possibilities in the transformation of the automotive & transport market.

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