Connected vehicle ecosystem

Winning collaborations and cross-industry partnerships

Ecosystem partnerships

Success is a collaborative effort in the connected vehicle ecosystem. As automotive IoT continues to gain momentum, we see many industries and technologies dependent on each other in complex, symbiotic relationships. We at Ericsson are proud to provide services and technology that help make those collaborations work.

Making connected transport a reality requires a truly diverse ecosystem of players. That’s why our connected vehicle solutions  are designed to support and leverage cross-industry partnerships. Here are just a few examples of how we help contribute to the development of the connected vehicle ecosystem. 

Winning collaborations

Microsoft and Ericsson join forces

Ericsson and Microsoft make automotive connectivity easy by integrating Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on Azure.

Einride - sustainable, self-driving trucks powered by 5G

Ericsson, Einride and Telia partner to show driverless trucks are one step closer to being safe for public roads

Veoneer - making ADAS / Autonomous Drive a reality

Ericsson and Veoneer are collaborating to build trust in mobility and enable new automotive services

5G Automotive Association

As part of the 5GAA, Ericsson supports development of global standards for wireless connectivity, security, privacy, authentication, distributed cloud architectures and more

Drive Sweden – a new approach to mobility

Ericsson is one of the key partners of Drive Sweden - a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society


Let’s take the journey together

Connected vehicles bring more value to automotive manufacturers and drivers. Ericsson solutions and connectivity expertise will help you get there faster.

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