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Industry 4.0 community

Industry 4.0 community

Ericsson’s community of innovators are interested in seeing the benefits of Industry 4.0 reach the modern factory or warehouse. Become a member today and start your Industry 4.0 journey with us.

Opportunities for community members

For manufacturers

Wireless cellular connectivity enables manufacturers to cut the cables for greater agility in the factory, increase productivity with automation, ensure strong security and be ready with a path to 5G. 

For logistics providers

Quickly and easily scale wireless cellular connectivity to be prepared for the seasonal rush. Increase security to prevent shrinkage and increase use of connected technologies to increase worker efficiency.


Innovators can differentiate their solutions by building next-generation warehouse and factory technology around cellular connectivity.

To learn more about how Ericsson can help your digital transformation and gain access to our Q&A forum and updates, please join our community.

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