Industry 4.0 transformation for the smart warehouse

Warehouse automation based on a foundation of cellular connectivity is the key to more scalable, flexible and automated logistics operations.

Smart Warehouse

Warehouse operators are ready for industry 4.0 to transform how things are distributed. As more smart warehouses and distribution centers grapple with growing demands for accurate, fast deliveries and value-added services at low cost, reliable and secure connectivity will be the key for making operations safer, more efficient and profitable.

Warehousing challenges

Accurate, on-time delivery

Getting the right items in the right quantities delivered to the right locations within an ever-decreasing timeframe, requires pro-active and real-time planning and operations. To do this, a reliable connectivity solution that allows for large-scale data gathering and analysis as well as on-line and automated work processes is essential.

Staff retention and onboarding

It is a challenge for most warehouse operations to attract, retain, motivate staff, especially during peak seasons. Introducing real-time, on-line applications and automation eliminates tedious tasks and makes human workers more efficient while accelerating new employee onboarding and training.

Optimizing working capital

Lack of predictability and visibility in supply chains leaves many enterprises with high inventory levels and inventory management costs. The smart warehouse needs large scale connectivity to products, tools, vehicles and handling units, globally across warehouses to ensure that inventory levels, storage and logistics costs are optimized for maximum ROI.

Value added services

Logistics service providers and enterprises are ready to transform where and by whom activities are performed. Smart warehousing transforms operations to include more value-added services such as product assembly and return flow management.

Reliable and secure connectivity will be key for making operations flexible, scalable and automated.

Discover Ericsson’s wireless cellular solutions for smart warehousing operations and logistics

Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics companies are seeking to connect and automate as much as possible to increase productivity, speed and safety, while reducing costs. Warehouse automation will demonstrate the business value of cellular technology in the smart warehouse, in terms of both economics and sustainability.

Some use cases that depend on reliable, secure, wireless connectivity include:

Empower employees to be more efficient

Hands-free instructions based on augmented reality or audio systems help unskilled workers get up to speed quickly. Robots support humans by taking on repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

AGVs, AMRs, autonomous forklifts

While automated guided vehicles’ (AGVs) functionality is pre-programmed, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are able to navigate independently, determine optimal routes, and avoid collisions with objects, humans and other mobile machines.

Automated inventory management

An unknown physical inventory or one that is not matching its digital counterpart impacts the enterprise. Autonomous robots handle the more tedious aspects of counting and inspecting goods, freeing up humans to concentrate on tasks of greater complexity.

With a foundation of reliable, secure wireless connectivity, people and machines are increasing accuracy and efficiency in work processes.

Ericsson Industry Connect for smart warehousing

Zia Syed, CTO & Head of Product Engineering at Ericsson Industry Connect reflects on the innovative idea for Industry Connect and that it was inspired by our quest to solve connectivity challenges in the smart warehouse.

Smart Warehouse Solutions

Smart warehousing creates new and complex requirements on connectivity solutions as the number of autonomous robots and AVG’s, augmented reality applications and connected items on the floor increase. Warehouse operators are demanding connectivity solutions that create immediate business value and future-proof the warehouse for innovations still in development.

Better connectivity for Industry 4.0? Easy.

Ericsson Industry Connect is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage connectivity solution for factories and warehouses. It includes an intuitive cloud-based management portal, with no telco expertise required.

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Private Networks

Enable business-critical and mission-critical industrial use cases with 4G and 5G connectivity. Offer scalable and highly reliable solutions for industries. Use automation and AI to boost network operation quality and efficiency.

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Global connectivity and device management

Ericsson IoT Accelerator provides global connectivity with 30+ service provider customers and 3000+ enterprise customers across 100+ countries and 20 million subscriptions on the IoT platform.

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