Industry 4.0 transformation in the warehouse

Warehouse automation enabled by cellular is the key to more efficient and productive operations

Smart Warehouse

Warehouse operators are ready for Industry 4.0 to transform efficiency and productivity. As more smart warehouses and distribution centers grapple with growing demands to deliver goods faster, reliable and secure connectivity will be the key for making operations safer, more efficient and profitable.

Warehousing challenges

Labor costs

This is the single largest operating cost for warehouses. Competition for workers is strong, particularly during peak seasons like the holidays. Warehouse automation can make workers’ jobs easier and safer, while also increasing efficiency, productivity and profit margins.


Getting every order right – the right items in the right quantities delivered to the right location – requires careful orchestration. Digitalization and data analysis allow greater visibility and control to ensure that processes are optimized for maximum ROI.


Consumers expect faster and faster e-commerce delivery, and those expectations spill over into B2B operations too. Warehouse automation accelerates operations to get goods to customers quicker.

Discover Ericsson’s wireless cellular solutions for smart warehouse operations

Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics companies are seeking to automate as much of their operations as possible to increase productivity, speed and safety, while reducing costs. Warehouse automation will demonstrate the business value of 4G technology, in terms of both economics and sustainability.

Some common use cases that depend on reliable, secure, wireless connectivity include:

Drones and inventory robots

A physical inventory not matching its digital counterpart can have large consequences. Robots are able to handle tedious counting processes with greater accuracy and speed, thus reducing the costs and time needed to complete an inventory.

AGVs, AMRs, autonomous forklifts

While automated guided vehicles’ (AGVs) functionality is pre-programmed, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are able to navigate independently, determine optimal routes, and avoid collisions with objects, humans and other mobile machines.

Empowering human pickers to be more efficient

Goods-to-people robots bring racks of goods to human pickers. And hands-free instructions based on augmented reality or audio systems help unskilled workers get up to speed quickly. These efficiency-boosting technologies need reliable, secure, wireless connectivity.


Automated robots can handle the more tedious aspects of inspecting goods, freeing up humans to concentrate on tasks of greater complexity. With a foundation of reliable connectivity, people and machines are increasing accuracy and efficiency of inspections.

Smart Warehouse Solutions

Smart warehouses create new and complex requirements. As automation and the number of autonomous robots and AGVs on the floor increase, warehouse operators are demanding connectivity solutions that create immediate business value, and future proofs the organization for innovations still in development.

Better connectivity for Industry 4.0? Easy.

Ericsson Industry Connect is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage connectivity solution for factories and warehouses. It includes an intuitive cloud-based management portal, with no telco expertise required.

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Flexible connectivity leveraging CSP assets

Ericsson Private Networks are flexible solutions based on standard Ericsson 3GPP 4G and 5G portfolio. The solutions are specifically designed to provide enterprises with full control over QoS and security, to cater for business-critical and mission-critical communication needs for all industries.

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Global connectivity and device management

Ericsson IoT Accelerator provides global connectivity with 30+ service provider customers and 3000+ enterprise customers across 100+ countries and 20 million subscriptions on the IoT platform.

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