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Smart Wireless Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is entering Industry 4.0. In the quest to make machines and operations smarter, tons of data is being generated and streamed for analysis. Safe and sustainable management of data and devices is therefore a challenge. Industrial sites cover many critical use cases and seeks real-time overview of assets and production. Intelligence is being moved from the devices into the cloud for increased performance, cost-efficiency and flexibility. The requirements for intelligent automation and concepts like digital twins in the production line calls for a fast, stable, secure and simple communication solution.

Private LTE  offers a scalable offering that provides the highest robustness of all wireless solutions. It has the benefits of cellular security for data & device integrity and an open platform towards applications and services for factory developers, device manufacturers and OEMs. A private cellular network connection in the factory or industrial site is the first step towards exploiting the value, efficiencies and gains of Industry 4.0 concepts and use cases.

Read the latest Mobility Reports with insights to realize smart manufacturing through IoT and the role cellular plays in helping manufacturers reach their digital transformation goals

Simple Connectivity

The platform’s Massive IoT capabilities easily handles millions of devices, with a simple and secure way of adding, activating and managing new device connections.

Secure Connectivity

With more connected and wireless devices comes a higher risk of issues & cyber breaches. Secure transmissions, updates and ways to verify assets & data will be crucial.

Stable Connectivity

Critical IoT use cases require low latency and instant feedback.  Processes will be orchestrated and controlled remotely from the cloud and need a stable and resilient connection with SLA guarantees.

Use cases

Ericsson Tallinn factory

Through cellular connectivity, almost every asset in a factory can be connected and managed to solve operational challenges. Read how we’re enabling more efficient and sustainable production processes in Tallinn.

Nanjing smart factory

The Ericsson smart factory in Nanjing only stops production of the latest radio base stations one day of the year. Every other day, the factory harnesses the data generated through connecting everything from screwdrivers to entire warehousing systems with Industrial IoT and NB IoT.

MTU Aero Engines

Uncover the business value that results from introducing 5G technology into the production of bladed disks at a turbine factory.

SKF smart factory

The smart manufacturing project is enabling Martin Friis and his team at SKF’s world-class factory to radically transform manufacturing, and provide competitive advantage by introducing fundamental changes to the way industries operate.

Why choose the Ericsson Smart Wireless Manufacturing solution?

Ericsson Smart Wireless Manufacturing is the foundation for scaling Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and to Future Proof Operations with 5G:

Ericsson offers 3GPP compliant, licensed & unlicensed bands with Private LTE network supporting, NB-IoT RAN. In addition to network slicing and edge compute capabilities for efficiency, the solution include flexible deployment options to avoid any interruptions in production. Our Industrial Connectivity Solution with an On Premise Core is complemented by a full suite of IoT platforms, gateways and support. An equally compelling, best in class offering, for operators and enterprises alike.

Ericsson connects industry enterprises and operators to secure beneficial partnerships and suitable business models for licensed spectrum connectivity. We also have a partnership network of certified device, machine and system vendors. We know connectivity and have industry specific knowledge from our own partnerships with major companies; Boliden, Scania and Volvo and more as well as being a lead contributor in many Industrial IoT consortiums. 

Smart wireless manufacturing animation

An easy to deploy platform

By scaling secure adoption of diverse and critical IoT devices and sensors through our IoT Accelerator, Smart Wireless Manufacturing makes it easier to digitalize a site and its value chains. Cellular wireless connectivity enables an intelligent automated production line flexibility and faster commissioning. Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform provide easy integrations with factory systems like ERP and MES and open API connections for 3rd parties. In addition to securing device identities and SLA observatories, services like asset condition monitoring will be available in the near future. The setup includes a radio planning tool to customize deployment to factory needs. The platform empowers industries to manage their infrastructure, devices and data to enable novel use cases and mitigate risk and complexity. As the factory grows more connected, the solution allows to optimize workflows on the factory floor, as well as inbound and outbound logistic flows.

Radio planning tool

Scanning building plan and type of activities to optimize placement of radio dots.

Zero-touch onboarding

When onboarding new devices through the IoT Accelerator, connection is activated immediately without any manual orchestration.

Secure and scalable

Process data close to the edge and share data securely inside the factory, share with sister factories for replicas & collaboration and engage partner ecosystem for service innovation.

Benefits from partnering with Ericsson

80% of all industries will be reinvented or eliminated by digital in 2020. Ericsson leads the 5G race in standardization, is building a large IoT ecosystem and a trusted partner on several Industry 4.0 projects. We are leading by example with deployments in our own factories.

Our partner ecosystem is growing

By activating our ecosystem partners, you can start to retrofit sensors today.


AAEON commits in transformation from wired to cellular connectivity in industrial 4.0 and offers the path from PoC to field deployment. Here we present wide portfolio of LTE enabled and CE-RED certified the industrial gateways.


Advantech, world leader in industrial automation, has Ericsson-friendly cellular gateways, Industrial PCs and Sense units. Check our product lines: ECU, UNO, MIC, Smart, WISE and ADAM. Look for LWM2M, OPC-UA, and other protocols in our units.

Beijer Electronics

We accelerate digitalization through our offer of BoX2 protocol converters, IoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity with additional smart functions for Industry 4.0 and cloud-based IoT solutions.


Cradlepoint’s portfolio of gateways leverage 4G and 5G services to enable transition to Industry 4.0 with resiliency, security, and control.


Crosser provides edge computing and real-time streaming analytics capabilities, powering Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. IoT is all about intelligent integrations and actionable insights from raw data. Crosser is purpose-built for simplifying the design, deployment and orchestration of globally connected devices.


Companies implementing Industry 4.0 solutions gain competitive advantage across the value chain. Dell EMC and Ericsson can help by providing connected, scalable and flexible edge, core and cloud solutions. We work together to help customers innovate faster, optimize operations and create new revenue streams.


Gemalto's Cinterion® IoT Modules, Terminals and Modem Cards connect virtually any Industry 4.0 application. Their rugged design, unparalleled engineering and manufacturing standards make them reliable in the most extreme environments. Gemalto's off-the-shelf connectivity and security services provide IoT device lifecycle management and ensure trusted data exchange.


HMS Networks has been a frontrunner in connecting devices and systems to industrial networks for over 30 years, and HMS sees wireless connectivity solutions as key for IIoT and Industry 4.0.


Ignitarium's A.I based solutions paired with 4G/5G cellular technologies can truly unlock the promise of Industry 4.0. With proven expertise in computer vision and deep neural networks, we help improve quality, safety and adherence.


ioTium offers a Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure as a managed service for Industrial IoT. With ioTium, leading manufactures can securely connect any legacy brown-field asset, using any protocol, over any physical network (5G) from any operator to any clouds or data center in a seamless and scalable manner.


Moxa provides reliable industrial networking solutions to leading manufacturers in over 70 countries across the globe. As part of its commitment to delivering comprehensive networking solutions for Industry 4.0, Moxa has partnered with Ericsson to develop wireless technologies that will transform industries.


MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the Industrial Internet of Things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. More than 25 Million MultiTech devices can be found across industries all over the world.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is a leader in Device to Cloud with LTE modules, gateways, an MVNO network, SIMs, and device management along with an extensive development community to take the complexity out of adding wireless to your Industry 4.0 products and services.


Westermo provides a full range of resilient industrial data communications solutions for demanding applications. Our portfolio of industrial wireless products are used in industries and applications where security and reliability are of utmost concern.

Future Proof

Exploit the full potential of 4G LTE, network slicing and the installation of 5G ready devices.

Easy rollout

The hardware and software components of the solution are easy rollout, install and connect and scale.

Open platform

Easy integration end-to-end, with open device layer and application layer for different systems, vendors and partnerships.

5G for manufacturing

A robust opportunity for operators

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