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Ericsson's connected vehicle solution provides dedicated security solutions

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Connected vehicle solution provides dedicated security solutions.

Security cannot be an afterthought in the connected ecosystem

Connected cars are revolutionizing traffic safety and driver convenience by communicating with the environment around them, including other vehicles and infrastructure. But for all the opportunities they offer, connected vehicles also pose new challenges to security and integrity.

Mobility moves OEMs and their customers into a world of constant availability and real-time data flows. In this world, security cannot be an afterthought, it needs to be incorporated from the start.

As self-driving vehicles become a reality, security becomes even more critical to building trustful relationships between OEMs and car owners. Trust is the most valuable asset a connected vehicle system can offer. One serious incident is all it takes to destroy that trust. So how can the auto industry deliver on the promise of secure connections in the new world of connected vehicles?

Ericsson provides carmakers with experience and expertise

Based on our experience in mobile telecom, Ericsson’s industry solution Connected Vehicle Cloud is built for security in open networks. As data is exchanged between a vehicle, the cloud and any other device in the ecosystem, all communication is encrypted and authenticated.

The CVC provides a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with certificate-based mutual authentication between devices and cloud. Mutual authentication ensures that both the device and the cloud can verify each other's authenticity and prevents malicious content from reaching the car.

On top of perimeter defenses like encryption, CVC comes with a Security Incident and Event Monitoring system that is used to detect suspicious communication patterns and anomalies, also referred to as an Anomaly Detection system. This system helps to protect and to audit behavior to detect suspicious communication patterns that could indicate hacking attempts or other breaches in the system.

Constant vigilance ensures security and trust

Ericsson's Network Operation Centers provide global 24/7 service. The Connected Vehicle Cloud guarantees integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of data for all parties, and aligns with consumer data privacy laws according to local regulations in every market.

Security features and fail-safes have been built into Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud from the start, all based on years of providing reliable mobile communication around the globe. OEMs can put their trust in the robust security of Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud in order to build that same trust with vehicle owners,end-users and ecosystem partners.

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