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Ericsson helps OEMs navigate the connected vehicle ecosystem

Connectivity challenges for automakers

Today, simply providing a connected car is not enough. Car manufacturers need solutions that can cope with quickly evolving factors, including changed consumer preferences, new regulations and new operating models. This presents a big challenge to OEMs, who must offer not only connectivity, but also access to the value-adding content customers demand, while staying fully regulatory compliant.

Creating value adding services

A “service-by-service” development approach lacks the ability to scale quickly to many users, and is difficult and expensive to deploy to new regions. Rather than adopting an entirely new skill set, OEMs need a platform that can incorporate the entire connected ecosystem of 3rd party developers and integrate payments for many stakeholders.

Building scalable solutions

Scaling their business offerings to new regions and users is also a major challenge for OEMs. First, there are regulatory issues to consider in each new market. Then, vehicle manufacturers need to offer services that are relevant to the market, as well as be able to ensure the solid connectivity that makes connected services possible, even when vehicles cross national borders.

Ensuring secure connectivity

Once that connectivity is established, security becomes an issue. Ensuring safe and secure payments, proprietorial vehicle information and vehicle functionality requires oversight of connectivity providers and insight into their operation models. As the world moves closer to realizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and self-driving vehicles, that security becomes even more crucial.

Being adaptable in the long term

Finally, once OEMs create a connectivity platform that works today, they need the expertise to manage those services. OEMs also require the foresight to adapt to rapid progressions of technology and consumer demands. With so many challenges, how can OEMs provide connected vehicles with scalable, secure connectivity?

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