Looking under the hood of automotive IoT

Take a look at emerging trends in connected vehicles with Magnus Gunnarsson

Automotive Webinar - Trends in connected vehicles

Take a look at emerging trends in connected vehicles with Magnus Gunnarsson, Head of Ericsson Automotive Marketing.

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Fueled by connectivity and new, innovative services providers, the connected car is transforming the automotive industry, just as the emergence of the smartphone changed the mobile phone industry 10 years ago. In this webinar, recorded in Stockholm in June 2017, Magnus Gunnarsson outlines strategies for building a connected vehicle ecosystem.

When thinking of automotive IoT, people tend to focus on the thing, and all the cool features in connected cars. In this presentation, Magnus discusses why it is essential to remember the people those things connect with, and how driver expectations are changing.

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Connected Vehicle Ecosystem Webinar topics covered

  • Emerging trends and how to find your place in the connected car ecosystem
  • How developers can help OEMs differentiate rapidly and continuously
  • Best practices for monetizing the connected vehicle ecosystem
  • How user data enables you to go beyond averages to connect with individuals
  • The four pillars of the e-service ecosystem: Data orchestration, Consent management, 3rd party onboarding, Billing & Settlement