Self-Driving Vehicles

Making safer roads a reality

Self-driving vehicles are predicted to make roads much safer for us all.

But how do we make it a reality? Robust networks and powerful IoT solutions are important parts of the puzzle.

When self-driving vehicles (SDVs) hit the streets, they are sure to make our roadways safer than ever before. Today, Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) technology is already helping drivers avoid accidents, but this is just beginning of a safe-road revolution that will be triggered by truly autonomous vehicles. 

Setting standards for driverless cars

The self-driving cars of today are a bit like teenagers, teaching them communicate effectively and drive safely still requires a lot of work. The process of introducing driverless cars to the Internet of Things, including infrastructure and other vehicles, is developing alongside new standards for high-performance connectivity and network security.

The continuing advancement of LTE networks (leading up to advanced 5G networks) can now provide the responsiveness needed to make self-driving cars a reality. Once low latency 5G delivers the bandwidth and resilience for real-time data communication, self-driving vehicles will interact with the world around them in an increasingly sophisticated manner.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Plattform is an open, cross-industry solution, but answers the specific needs of driverless cars and the connected traffic ecosystem. An example can be seen in our partnership with Veoneer, who are using IoT Accelerator to integrate in-vehicle software with onboard sensors and cloud capabilities.

Autonomous cars and the future of transport

The economic benefits of autonomous vehicles are clear, travelling will be easier and transport will become streamlined and more profitable. But the biggest impact on our lives may be the massive increase in road safety.

To err is human, and today, up to 95% of road accidents are caused by driver’s mistakes and miscalculations. By applying predictive models to real time data, driverless cars will greatly reduce the impact of human error. As part of the ecosystem that is setting the standards for self-driving cars, we look forward to the day when our roads are not only more efficient and sustainable, but much more safe.

Ericsson partners with leaders to drive the automotive industry evolution

Self-driving vehicle

Ericsson and Veoneer are collaborating to build trust in mobility and enable new automotive services. 

Driverless trucks

Ericsson, Einride and Telia partner to show driverless trucks are one step closer to being safe for public roads.

V2V Communication

Ericsson, Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology accelerate autonomous, connected transportation fueled by 5G.

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