Software Defined Cars

Ericsson drives the technology behind Software Defined Cars

Software Defined Cars

Redefining the way cars are built and sold

Today, connected cars allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a chance to deepen driver relationships via a wide range of infotainment, telematics and vehicle diagnostics offerings. The next stage is to go beyond connected services as add-ons to the car to over-the-air (OTA) updates that define many aspects of the cars itself, such as powertrain capabilities, vehicle dynamics and new onboard services.

Software Defined Cars (SDCs) will offer the chance to upgrade a vehicle's functionality via OTA updates, giving a vehicle the ability to continually adapt to the needs of drivers and fleet operators. Software based solutions will transform operating and ownership models.

Ericsson's comprehensive solutions for Software Defined Cars

The ability to offer develop new SDC services and business models requires in-depth knowledge of connectivity, software development, and OTA. As a key driver of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud solutions Ericsson offers OEMs valuable partnerships to co-innovate over the long term.

As cars start to be updated much like today's mobile phones, users will on robust, and secure solutions. Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud makes global roll-out a reality, with the flexibility to respond to regulations and market drivers in each country.

Ready for the future of Software Defined Cars

The connected car is part of IoT, interacting with the connected ecosystem of physical infrastructure and other vehicles on the road. As high speed 5G connectivity becomes a reality, with real-time communication between vehicles and the cloud, the information shared via IoT will be immense.

The vast amount of data created by 5G and IoT will give OEMs insight into every aspect of a vehicle and its place in the connected ecosystem. The ability to respond to the needs of drivers by with OTA offerings will deepen the relationship between drivers and OEMs.

To facilitate those valuable relationships, and continually offer new functions and services, Ericsson partners with OEMs to provide adaptable, future-proof solutions, including the secure delivery of OTA. With Ericsson as a partner, OEMs have access to the full possibilities of connected technologies, and the ability scale safe and secure OTA offerings globally, making Software Defined Cars a reality.

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Realize the future of the automotive industry

End-to-end auto industry transformation

Auto manufacturers need solutions to address fast-evolving factors like software, market drivers and regulations.

Connected cars require robust data security

Ensuring secure data flow becomes more vital, and more difficult as connected cars service grow and autonomous drive becomes a reality.