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Talking IoT with Ericsson

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In this podcast, we sit down and have a chat with key IoT industry leaders to get insights into their IoT journey.

What makes them excited about IoT, what challenges have there been and what does the future look like? 

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Our latest episodes

Episode #4 – Staffan Dahlström, Mobile Machines & Marathons

July 10, 2019

We welcome Staffan Dahlström, CEO and co-founder of HMS (Hardware Meets Software), the leading independent supplier of solutions for industrial communication and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Staffan gives us a deeper look at combining OT with IT, shares the key to finding where the true value lies in IIoT, and tells us what he thinks the future looks like for the industry in five years.

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Episode #3 - Henrik Norström, Building Brighter Healthcare

July 1, 2019

We welcome to the studio Henrik Norström, CEO at Brighter, a Swedish health-tech company tackling the global diabetes epidemic through data-driven technology, innovation and IoT. Their vision is an everyday life where managing chronic diseases is no longer a struggle. Henrik discusses the challenges and opportunities that IoT brings to healthcare, and the important role that operators have in building better digital ecosystems with impact-driven companies like Brighter.

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Episode #2 – Fredrik Östbye, Born Digital

June 14, 2019

In Episode Two, we speak with Fredrik Östbye, Vice President and Head of Digital Transformation at Grundfos. In his role, Fredrik is tasked with taking digitalization to the next level in the business offerings of the world’s largest pump manufacturer. Fredrik shares how global water infrastructure - and its players - are benefiting from digitalization, and what Grundfos’ role is in this digital ecosystem.

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Episode #1- Ivo Rook, the Machine Whisperer

May 6, 2019

To kick off the series, we speak to Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of IoT at Sprint. To his kids, he’s known as ’The Machine Whisperer.’ To Sprint, he’s known as the man responsible for delivering technologies that ‘change the way people live, the way businesses operate, and the way society evolves.’ Behdad Banian talks to him about monetizing and scaling IoT business, and how Sprint managed to launch a new IoT network from idea to nationwide launch in just eight months.

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