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The path to 5G: The case for automation

This MIT Technology Review Insights report examines the service provider's automation journey towards 5G. Why is automation a critical step for future business readiness? What are the near-term benefits of automating network management? Read what senior technology executives at network operators are saying.

Efficiency, resilience, and the path to 5G


While automation is under way at many operators, its implementation has not always been smooth, and difficult lessons have been learned.

This report examines the status of network automation among operators, the objectives they are pursuing and the barriers they must overcome.

To produce this report, MIT Technology Review Insights conducted a series of interviews with senior technology executives at network operators globally. It also performed extensive desk research and reviewed telecommunications operators' network modernization experiences and plans.

The report, which is sponsored by Ericsson, is editorially independent; the views expressed are those of MIT Technology Review Insights.

Download your complimentary copy today and learn more about the operator path to 5G.