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Helping operators to increase automation and speed in the Cloud RAN environment

Support services for Cloud RAN

Helping operators to increase automation and speed in the Cloud RAN environment

Cloud RAN applications will enable operators to increase automation in their operation and to introduce new services to the market with speed. Cloud RAN solutions and network increase the complexity in fault isolation and root cause analysis. Ericsson has developed improved capabilities in the Network Support services using ML/AI to improve the capabilities in fault Isolation and root cause analysis.

Customer Support solution

  • Data driven solution support for distributed, centralized, indoor and enterprise cloud RAN configurations
  • Automatic fault isolation from solution level down to the affected component
  • Network expertise introducing new technology into an existing network
  • Partnership with infrastructure vendors for support of all the layers in the solution
  • Solution analytics and predictive and preventative services
  • Network monitoring of resource utilization and orchestration of resources
  • Software update management with DevOps and CI/CD methodology
  • Life cycle tracking across the entire solution to understand the current composition

Service Provider benefits

Optimal performance
Operational efficiency
High performing solution
Controlled solution evolution

Use case - Flawless user experience in events with support for Cloud RAN

Events include everything from Olympic Games to local festivals and holidays. During any event, communications are crucial and traffic peaks will occur.

Cloud RAN virtualizes baseband and decouples hardware and software enabling a more flexile, cost efficient and high performing network. The essentials from a Cloud RAN support perspective are:

  • Improved network performance with high availability and reliability
  • Easy operations to enable accelerated time-to-market of new services and functions
  • Innovation and advanced techniques such as AI and ML for OPEX efficiencies
Flawless user experience
Evolved support in our customer’s journey
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