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Network Slicing

Support services for Network slicing

Optimizing network slicing experience with fault isolation and root cause analysis to ensure performance and quality of service

5G will enable Network slicing, which gives Operators an efficient way to offer services to enterprises and governmental organization with specific requirement, many times with higher SLA, commitment on latency and capacity and increased security. Fault isolation and root cause analysis are key to address issues in a network slice covering a wide area of Service Orchestration, Core, Transport and RAN nodes and Ericsson Network Support has these capabilities to address this challenge. To ensure optimize network-slicing experience, Ericsson Service Continuity has AI/ML capabilities to prevent and detect critical disturbances in a Network Slice, this to ensure network performance and optimized service quality.

Customer Support solution

  • Slice specific service considerations and SLA and KPI assurance per slice or slice instants
  • Data driven support E2E including vertical and horizontal fault isolation in the network, within the individual slice, between slices, etc.
  • Visualization, runtime assistance for supporting fast slice auto-recovery, configuration, and network slice correlation.
  • Correct resource prioritization and observability of specific KPI’s
  • Preemptive support cross all new and multiple sets of services, SLA’s and KPI
  • Co-creation of specific slicing use cases
  • Advanced security services including security reviews, scans and analysis

Service Provider benefits

Critical performances
Operational efficiency
Data security & integrity
Collaborative services

Use case - Gaming with support for Network slicing

Cloud Gaming refers to games played remotely where the images and data are transmitted through the network. Poor network quality will lead to lagging images or out of sync operation of the game.

Based on Network slicing, resources can be allocated for specific services to ensure the quality of the cloud game experience is high. The essentials from a Network slicing support perspective are:

  • Effective management of network resources ​between slices and within a slice
  • Guaranteed SLA with high network performance, and a possibility to have different SLAs for different slices
  • OPEX reduction and increased operational efficiency with automation and orchestration
  • Increased security through traffic separation
Cloud Gaming
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