5G network for industrial use launched at Volvo CE site in Sweden

5G network for industrial use launched at Volvo CE site in Sweden

Ericsson has teamed up with Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) and Telia to run Sweden’s first 5G network for industrial use with remote-controlled machines and automation among the first applications being tested.

Operated with a test license, the 5G network uses Ericsson commercial hardware and software, including 5G New Radio and Core products from Ericsson’s 5G Platform,  at Volvo CE's R&D facility in Eskilstuna, a municipality approximately 90 kilometers west of Stockholm.

The partners aim to further develop the remote control of construction machinery and fully automated solutions.  They also aim to increase industry efficiency and sustainability through 5G testing.

Volvo CE hopes to apply the lessons learned from the tests at Eskilstuna to its global activities. By minimizing the potential safety risks and downtime associated with sectors such as mining, Volvo CE expects to get closer to its goal of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero unplanned stops.

5G enables companies to create a safer, more efficient and sustainable society. In cooperation with Telia and Volvo CE, we are now putting theory into practice in Eskilstuna. Ericsson’s commercial and standard-based 5G technology can be used for applications such as remote control of heavy machinery in real time – which requires much lower latency, greater capacity, and a higher level of accessibility to the mobile network. 

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