New 5G speed world record

In partnership with SK Telecom and BMW Korea, Ericsson used advanced 5G technology to track a connected car travelling up to 170 km/hour to demonstrate data transmission speeds on a 5G network.

Using advanced beamforming and beam tracking, the high-performance network connection supported point-to-point data transmission from a connected car travelling up to 170 kilometers per hour with downlink speeds of 3.6 Gbps. The test network comprised four radio transmission points operating in the 28GHz band and showed sustained high throughput throughout testing. Throughput above 1.5 Gbps was maintained while data transmission was switched from one transmission point to another.

Based on advanced 5G technology from Ericsson, precise beam tracking was enabled even at very high speeds – opening the door to new 5G services and delivering another concrete example of seamless mobility.

SK Telecom end-to-end 5G trials

We are running extensive 5G trials with SK Telecom, one of the operators in the forefront of testing the new technology. 

SK Telecom Case

The journey to 5G

Building 5G networks

As with past mobile generations, leading operators are keen to gain a first-mover advantage in 5G. Working with these operators, Ericsson is leading the development of new 5G technologies to ensure early success and enable rapid adoption of 5G-enabled applications.

5G Platform

Introducing our 5G Platform for the first movers in 5G, the first completely end-to-end solution that combines core and radio solutions in 5G to enable new opportunities and use cases.

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