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5G partnerships

Developing 5G technology based on real business needs

5G partnerships

5G will give operators the possibility to improve their existing consumer business and to address previously untapped value chains in the digitalization of industries. The new technology opens up new opportunities in new ecosystems. Ericsson is working closely with telecom operators across the world and has a large number of Memorandums of Understandings. Together with our partners we are continuously testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of how 5G can meet the diverse needs now and of the future.

Showcasing 5G NR interoperability

We have achieved interoperability between Ericsson Radio System commercial radios and the 5G test devices of our ecosystem partners on all main spectrum bands, including 3.5, 28 and 39 GHz for initial 5G launches.

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Latest partnership

Ericsson and Icelandic service provider Síminn (Iceland Telecom) are partnering ramp up the move towards 5G through a core network and radio access modernization partnership.

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5G trial case stories

Harnessing our leading technology and global service skills, Ericsson develops the networks of the future. We are continusly carrying out joint 5G trials and proof of concepts with operators across the world. 

5G ultra-low latency propels jet engine manufacturing

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology we trialed how 5G can improve manufacturing processes. Our 5G trial system achieved ultra-low latency of close to 1 millisecond, allowing for real time monitoring and control.

5G live in Korea

In February 2018 Ericsson and Korea Telecom together with Intel conducted a 5G trial in a dense urban environment in the center of Seoul.

5G sets sail in Estonia

Telia, Ericsson and Intel Corporation collaborated to deliver superfast and secure connectivity to Tallink’s cruise ships at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia.

New 5G speed world record

In partnership with SK Telecom and BMW Korea, Ericsson used advanced 5G technology to track a connected car travelling up to 170 km/hour to demonstrate data transmission speeds on a 5G network.

Industry collaboration and 5G pilots

We work with partners in a multitude of industries, as well as academia partners within research and development projects. Our mission is to share knowledge and gain insights into how 5G technology can be leveraged as an innovation platform when industries go digital and to better understand how 5G will be used in the real world.

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Ecosystem partnerships

We’re creating the strongest global 5G ecosystem to enable innovation for new use cases, and business models. We do this with close relationships that in additions to operators include semiconductor vendors, IT-infrastructure providers, a variety of device manufacturers, standards bodies, open source communities and other industries and their ecosystem players. 

5G Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with operators

5G press releases

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